WATCH: LT's best friend is Dino, and they're always together

Before you watch the Showtime documentary on the life and times of Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, airing at 8 p.m. ET on Sept. 20, you really should get to know his best friend, Dino. Because Dino Kyriacou is, well, something else.

“We’re inseparable,” Dino says. “Anywhere he goes, I’m there. … There was a lot of great times we were together. And there was a lot of bad times too. But we’re so close, we feel each other, more or less. We know what we’re going to say next.”

But if Dino walks away, the former Giants star notices and asks anybody who might know something, “Hey, where’s Dino?”

Luckily for Taylor, he didn’t have to ask about Dino’s whereabouts when they saw President Clinton on the putting green, practicing for the Bob Hope Classic. What happened next? Well, you’ll have to hear it directly from Dino’s mouth.

Oh, and here’s one other thing: if you meet Taylor somehow and somewhere, call him LT. Do not call him …

“A lot of jerks call him Larry,” Dino said. “Ugh, he hates that. Don’t call him that. … Me, I call him Taylor.”

Noted, Dino. Noted.

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