Weekly rundown: From best to worst in the NFL

Tom Brady had the Patriots flying high against the Titans. (US Presswire)

From best to worst, a rundown on all 32 NFL teams:

1. New England Patriots -- The Patriots' passing game from the no-huddle is tough to stop and they ran the ball for 162 yards against the Tennessee Titans .

2. San Francisco 49ers -- Went on the road and held the Green Bay Packers to 22 points and rushed for 186 yards. This is a difficult team to beat and Alex Smith is an efficient passer right now.

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3. Baltimore Ravens -- The Ravens' defense looked like a Ravens defense should look and the Joe Flacco -led offense was better than ever.

4. Falcons -- The Falcons' passing game only has to release three receivers to beat most teams and they still have a power run game if opponents overplay the pass. The Falcons gave up a lot of yardage to the Kansas City Chiefs and need to improve on defense. 

5. Broncos -- The Broncos' no-huddle offense looks as dangerous as the Patriots' version. Peyton Manning looked like a guy who  threw for 5,000 yards last year rather than dealing with neck surgeries. The defense sacked Ben Roethlisberger five times from five different players.

6. Texans -- Miami Dolphins wasn’t a big challenge, but the Texans executed efficiently and eliminated the Dolphins by halftime.

7. Dallas Cowboys -- A road win over the Super Bowl champion New York Giants is a strong statement. Tony Romo has the ability to lead this team to the playoffs, but let's see if they can handle early success.

8. Packers -- The Packers have a great passing attack, but their defense has given up 108 points in the last three games at Lambeau. Things have to change because the offense can’t average 40 points a game all year.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers -- The Steelers went toe to toe with the Broncos at altitude and lost, but so will most teams this year. Harrison and Clark should be back this week and they will take out their frustrations on the New York Jets .

10. Chicago Bears -- Getting Brandon Marshall in the offseason looks like a great move after an opening night nine receptions for 119 yards and a touchdown. Marshall averaged 102 receptions in the two years he played with Jay Cutler in Denver Broncos .

11. Giants -- The Giants get 11 days to regroup after the Cowboys loss. They have to find a way to protect their secondary with a better pass rush, and the offensive line has to protect Eli Manning better.

 12. Jets -- The Jets are the best example that the preseason means nothing. The Tebow package isn’t vital to this team’s success, but Sanchez and the passing game is critical.

 13. Washington Redskins -- The Redskins beat the world champion Giants twice last year without RG3 and now they have the quarterback to expect more from the 2012 season. Griffin may not throw for 320 yards every week, but he will be a dangerous pass and run weapon. He should be able to lead the Redskins to a second road win this week.

14. New Orleans Saints -- The Saints found out how hard it can be to win without their head coach and a defense that couldn’t stop the Redskins. Right now the Saints have to outscore teams until Steve Spagnuolo gets the defense up and running. The same thing happened to the Giants under Spags.

15. Detroit Lions -- The Lions are probably going to call 50 pass plays a game and there will be days when Matthew Stafford throws multiple picks, which will make any opponent difficult to beat. They are mentally tough and don’t give up no matter how the game is going.

Michael Vick and the Eaqles scrape by the Browns. (US Presswire)

16. Eagles -- I worry about Mike Vick because of his injury history, his sloppy play and the amount of time Philadelphia Eagles throws the ball. Four interceptions against Cleveland Browns is inexcusable, 56 pass attempts is too many. Vick threw 14 interceptions last year in 13 games.

17. Los Angeles Chargers -- Philip Rivers can make most receivers look good and when the Chargers get Ryan Mathews back the offense will be balanced.

18. Cincinnati Bengals -- The Bengals beat the teams they should beat but are 0-9 against playoff teams since 2011. The Ravens taught them a tough lesson in Week 1.

19. Buccaneers -- My hat’s off to new head coach Greg Schiano and his old-school football approach. Josh Freeman completed 16 passes for 138 yards (8.6 yards a completion). Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have to play better, but they don’t look like a team that will beat itself.

20. Cardinals -- John Skelton won the QB job, but Kevin Kolb came off the bench to spark the win. Let’s see if Kolb can take advantage of his new opportunity. Arizona Cardinals struggled to run the ball against Seattle Seahawks and needs to improve quickly.

21. Titans -- If the Titans play Matt Hasselbeck for the next few weeks they should climb up the power ratings. If Chris Johnson doesn’t improve his 11 rushes for 4 yards the Titans will sink quickly.

22. Carolina Panthers -- The Panthers had 301 yards of offense but no rushing game and only generated 10 points against Tampa Bay. They need to stop talking about the playoffs and Super Bowl and get back to basics.

23. Seahawks -- As a rookie quarterback on the road, Russell Wilson almost won his first game. He will get better and in the meantime the Seahawks need to clean up 13 penalties.

24. Oakland Raiders -- The Raiders will move up as they fix issues like the long snapper. Carson Palmer looked better under center than he did last year.

25. Minnesota Vikings -- Adrian Peterson looked like he never suffered a major knee injury last year. The club took a chance on rookie kicker Blair Walsh over Ryan Longwell and it paid off with a 55-yard field goal to put the game in overtime and a 33-yard FG to win it.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars -- I saw real progress from Blaine Gabbert and with Maurice Jones-Drew back on the field things should get better.

27. Browns -- The Browns should have won the game against the Eagles. The Browns’ defense is going to be tough but couldn’t overcome a four-interception day by rookie QB Brandon Weeden .

28. Los Angeles Rams -- The Jeff Fisher influence was obvious right away on the Rams. It is going to be difficult to protect Sam Bradford with the offensive line issues and injuries.

29. Buffalo Bills -- The Bills’ pass rush never showed up and the offense turned the ball over. On top of all of those issues the special teams’ coverage broke down. Back to the drawing board for the Bills.

30. Chiefs -- The Chiefs had key injuries in the secondary and their best pass rusher was suspended. Atlanta Falcons ’s Matt Ryan took full advantage of the problems. The Chiefs’ defense isn’t as bad as they were Week 1 and the offense generated close to 400 yards and 24 points. I expect this team to move up quickly.

31. Indianapolis Colts -- Andrew Luck is going to be much better in the second half of the year than he is right now and that means a few wins. For now this is a full-blown rebuild. No doubt this team is a bunch of hustlers that will be a problem for teams sooner or later.

32. Dolphins -- The Dolphins just don’t have enough playmakers to scare teams. Reggie Bush will be a 1,000-yard back, but where are the receivers? The Dolphins held the fine Houston Texans rushing game under 90 yards but couldn’t keep Arian Foster out of the end zone.

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