Will Chad Johnson buy Bengals tickets so they can avoid blackout?

It seems unlikely Chad Johnson would shell out $900,000 for Cincinnati tickets. (USATSI)
It seems unlikely Chad Johnson would shell out $900,000 for Cincinnati tickets. (USATSI)

The Bengals seemingly are in real danger of not selling out their playoff game vs. the Chargers and blacking out the game for fans in Cincinnati, Dayton and Lexington, Ky.

On Monday, the team said ticket sales "dipped below 10,000" but also reminded fans that "unless the rate of daily sales increase[d]," the game would not be shown locally. On Wednesday, there reportedly were about 8,000 tickets left, but never fear, says former Bengals receiver Chad Johnson.

This was his response to news posted by Cincinnati Enquirer writer (and friend of the blog) Joe Reedy.

Cool, right? Johnson, now an analyst on CBSSports.com, would be happy to do a good deed to the city in which he became a star. Right?

Since then, the Bengals haven't heard from Johnson.

But this isn't unprecedented for Johnson. In 2009, he worked together with a cell phone company and one of the local TV stations to prevent a blackout of a regular-season game vs. the Texans when Johnson bought the remaining allotment of tickets (it almost assuredly didn't cost him $900,000 to do so, though).   

Either way, color Reedy skeptical about Johnson's latest claim.

But the Bengals aren't the only ones who were having problems selling out their home playoff game. Earlier this week the Packers and the Colts also were worried about the possibility of a blackout, as of Thursday morning, none of the three teams have sold out their contests.

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