NFL Player Rankings

Defensive Backs
346. Rod Issac, JAC0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Suaesi Tuimaunei, ATL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Trumaine McBride, JAC0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Josh Victorian, NE0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Quinten Lawrence, KC0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Brandon Stephens, DET0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Doyle Miller, BUF0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Brandian Ross, GB0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Paul Oliver, NO0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Tim Atchison, STL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. C.J. Wallace, SD0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Kareem Moore, WAS0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Dionte Dinkins, STL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Cory Nelms, SF0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Hiram Eugene, OAK0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Rafael Bush, ATL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Chip Vaughn, CAR0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Torri Williams, HOU0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Vince Agnew, MIA0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Cletis Gordon, CAR0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Devon Torrence, CIN0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Ryan Mouton, TEN0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Syd'Quan Thompson, DEN0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Ross Weaver, DET0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Mikail Baker, STL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. T.J. Heath, JAC0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Ron Parker, SEA0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Joshua Moore, CHI0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Scotty McGee, JAC0.000.00+0.00000000
346. DeAndre McDaniel, IND0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Anderson Russell, MIA0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Phillip Buchanon, WAS0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Phillip Adams, SEA0.000.00+0.00000000
346. C.J. Wilson, DAL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Mark LeGree, NYJ0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Bret Lockett, NE0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Terrell Whitehead, JAC0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Tony Carter, DEN0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Jon Corto, BUF0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Anthony Levine, GB0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Crezdon Butler, ARI0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Greg Toler, ARI0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Mario Butler, DAL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Mike Holmes, IND0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Matt Hansen, ATL0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Nate Ness, WAS0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Fabian Washington, NO0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Korey Lindsey, ARI0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Randy Phillips, DET0.000.00+0.00000000
346. Roc Carmichael, HOU0.000.00+0.00000000
The rankings are a total player-rating system based on various offensive and defensive statistics. Players increase their scores with every contribution they make to the game.
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