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Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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player photo

88 Darrius Heyward-Bey WR

Pittsburgh Steelers

Fantasy Stats
Key Stats
GPCatchesYdsAvgTDsFirst Downs
2015-16 · 2014-15 · 2013-14 · 2012-13 · 2011-12 · 2010-11 · 2009-10
2009 Situational Stats
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SUNDAY GAMES9710314.7240685.720
MONDAY GAMES100---000---00
OTHER DAYS (NON MON/SUN)122110.51712100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SEPTEMBER GAMES311818.01801100.000
OCTOBER GAMES434615.3240266.710
NOVEMBER GAMES456012.02215100.010
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
Arrowhead Stadium111818.01801100.000
Giants Stadium100---000---00
Oakland Coliseum645714.3240375.020
Reliant Stadium111818.01801100.000
Qualcomm Stadium111010.01001100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
vs Cincinnati Bengals1177.0701100.000
vs Dallas Cowboys122110.51712100.000
vs Denver Broncos100---000---00
vs Houston Texans111818.01801100.000
vs Kansas City Chiefs224020.02202100.010
vs New York Giants100---000---00
vs New York Jets122814.0240150.010
vs Philadelphia Eagles100---000---00
vs San Diego Chargers211010.01001100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
VS AFC TEAMS8710314.7240685.720
VS NFC TEAMS322110.51712100.000
VS OWN DIVISION535016.72203100.010
OUTSIDE OWN DIVISION667412.3241583.310
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
AHEAD BY 1-TO-8 POINTS000---000---00
AHEAD BY 9-TO-16 POINTS000---000---00
BEHIND BY 9-TO-16 POINTS047117.82404100.020
BEHIND BY 1-TO-8 POINTS02147.0100150.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
OWN 1-20 - BY YARD LINE000---000---00
OWN 21-50 - BY YARD LINE068814.7240583.310
OPP 49-20 - BY YARD LINE023216.02202100.010
OPP 19-1 - BY YARD LINE0144.0411100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ON ARTIFICIAL SURFACES222110.51712100.000
ON GRASS FIELDS9710314.7240685.720
INDOOR GAMES122110.51712100.000
OUTDOOR GAMES10710314.7240685.720
HOME GAMES645714.3240375.020
ROAD GAMES556713.41815100.000
AS STARTER000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ATTEMPTS 1-THROUGH-10000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 11-THROUGH-20000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 21-THROUGH-30000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 31+000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
FIRST DOWN035217.32403100.010
SECOND DOWN0284.041150.000
THIRD DOWN046416.02204100.010
FOURTH DOWN000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST HALF057414.8240480.010
2ND HALF045012.52214100.010
LAST TWO MINUTES OF HALF023216.02202100.010
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST QUARTER012424.02401100.010
2ND QUARTER045012.5180375.000
3RD QUARTER02115.5712100.000
4TH QUARTER023919.52202100.010
FOURTH QUARTER WITHIN 7012222.02201100.010
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
MARGIN 0-7534715.72203100.010
MARGIN 8-14111010.01001100.000
MARGIN 15+556713.4241480.010