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Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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19 Donald Jones WR

Fantasy Stats
Key Stats
GPCatchesYdsAvgTDsFirst Downs
2012-13 · 2011-12 · 2010-11
2011 Situational Stats
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SUNDAY GAMES82323110.0481939.121
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SEPTEMBER GAMES31112811.6481654.521
OCTOBER GAMES25469.2180120.000
NOVEMBER GAMES37578.1180228.600
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
Arrowhead Stadium1231.541150.000
Sun Life Stadium100---000---00
Paul Brown Stadium13217.09000.000
Ralph Wilson Stadium41215613.0480650.021
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
vs Cincinnati Bengals13217.09000.000
vs Dallas Cowboys16518.5180233.300
vs Kansas City Chiefs1231.541150.000
vs Miami Dolphins100---000---00
vs New England Patriots1510120.2480360.021
vs New York Jets1166.06000.000
vs Oakland Raiders14246.090250.000
vs Philadelphia Eagles122512.5180150.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
VS AFC TEAMS61515510.3481640.021
VS NFC TEAMS28769.5180337.500
VS OWN DIVISION3610717.8480350.021
OUTSIDE OWN DIVISION5171247.3181635.300
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
AHEAD BY 1-TO-8 POINTS02168.09000.000
AHEAD BY 9-TO-16 POINTS000---000---00
BEHIND BY 9-TO-16 POINTS046817.0480375.011
BEHIND BY 1-TO-8 POINTS04338.390125.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
OWN 1-20 - BY YARD LINE0812015.0480225.021
OWN 21-50 - BY YARD LINE08627.8180337.500
OPP 49-20 - BY YARD LINE06457.5180350.000
OPP 19-1 - BY YARD LINE0144.0411100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ON ARTIFICIAL SURFACES62122810.9480838.121
ON GRASS FIELDS2231.541150.000
INDOOR GAMES16518.5180233.300
OUTDOOR GAMES71718010.6481741.221
HOME GAMES41215613.0480650.021
ROAD GAMES411756.8181327.300
AS STARTER000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ATTEMPTS 1-THROUGH-10000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 11-THROUGH-20000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 21-THROUGH-30000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 31+000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
FIRST DOWN0811214.0480225.021
SECOND DOWN09657.2181333.300
THIRD DOWN05459.0180360.000
FOURTH DOWN0199.0901100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST HALF011867.8180218.200
2ND HALF01214512.1481758.321
LAST TWO MINUTES OF HALF05408.090240.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST QUARTER06477.8180116.700
2ND QUARTER05397.880120.000
3RD QUARTER05234.691240.000
4TH QUARTER0712217.4480571.421
FOURTH QUARTER WITHIN 7059819.6480480.021
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
MARGIN 0-741417112.2480642.921
MARGIN 15+49606.7181333.300