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Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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player photo

82 Rueben Randle WR

New York Giants

Fantasy Stats
Key Stats
GPCatchesYdsAvgTDsFirst Downs
2015-16 · 2014-15 · 2013-14 · 2012-13
2012 Situational Stats
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SUNDAY GAMES131728116.55631270.642
MONDAY GAMES111313.01301100.000
OTHER DAYS (NON MON/SUN)2144.04000.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SEPTEMBER GAMES4144.04000.000
OCTOBER GAMES4815018.8560562.521
NOVEMBER GAMES34307.5161250.000
DECEMBER GAMES5611419.04326100.021
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
Candlestick Park100---000---00
Bank of America Stadium1144.04000.000
Georgia Dome100---000---00
Lincoln Financial Field100---000---00
Paul Brown Stadium1242.05000.000
M&T Bank Stadium114343.04301100.011
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
vs Atlanta Falcons100---000---00
vs Baltimore Ravens114343.04301100.011
vs Carolina Panthers1144.04000.000
vs Cincinnati Bengals1242.05000.000
vs Cleveland Browns168213.7360350.010
vs Dallas Cowboys226834.05602100.011
vs Green Bay Packers122613.01612100.000
vs New Orleans Saints100---000---00
vs Philadelphia Eagles245814.53824100.010
vs Pittsburgh Steelers100---000---00
vs San Francisco 49ers100---000---00
vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers100---000---00
vs Washington Redskins211313.01301100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
VS AFC TEAMS4912914.3430444.421
VS NFC TEAMS121016916.9563990.021
VS OWN DIVISION6713919.95627100.021
OUTSIDE OWN DIVISION101215913.3431650.021
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
AHEAD BY 1-TO-8 POINTS035217.3381266.710
AHEAD BY 9-TO-16 POINTS03217.0100266.700
BEHIND BY 9-TO-16 POINTS024824.03602100.010
BEHIND BY 1-TO-8 POINTS078912.7430342.911
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
OWN 1-20 - BY YARD LINE0144.04000.000
OWN 21-50 - BY YARD LINE0614824.7560583.322
OPP 49-20 - BY YARD LINE0912213.6381666.720
OPP 19-1 - BY YARD LINE03248.0162266.700
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ON ARTIFICIAL SURFACES121728116.55631270.642
ON GRASS FIELDS42178.5130150.000
INDOOR GAMES100---000---00
OUTDOOR GAMES151929815.75631368.442
HOME GAMES81216613.8383975.020
ROAD GAMES8713218.9560457.122
AS STARTER000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ATTEMPTS 1-THROUGH-10000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 11-THROUGH-20000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 21-THROUGH-30000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 31+000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
FIRST DOWN01321316.4431969.231
SECOND DOWN04133.371250.000
THIRD DOWN027236.05612100.011
FOURTH DOWN000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST HALF01728216.65631270.642
2ND HALF02168.0120150.000
LAST TWO MINUTES OF HALF04276.8130250.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST QUARTER01121219.3563872.732
2ND QUARTER067011.7360466.710
3RD QUARTER0144.04000.000
4TH QUARTER011212.01201100.000
FOURTH QUARTER WITHIN 7011212.01201100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
MARGIN 0-7738127.05603100.011
MARGIN 8-14168213.7360350.010
MARGIN 15+81013513.5433770.021