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Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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88 Craig Stevens TE

Tennessee Titans

Fantasy Stats
Key Stats
GPCatchesYdsAvgTDsFirst Downs
2015-16 · 2014-15 · 2013-14 · 2012-13 · 2011-12 · 2010-11 · 2009-10 · 2008-09
2012 Situational Stats
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SUNDAY GAMES132025512.84611365.021
MONDAY GAMES12168.0110150.000
OTHER DAYS (NON MON/SUN)1144.04000.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SEPTEMBER GAMES4913815.3461777.821
OCTOBER GAMES46508.3180233.300
NOVEMBER GAMES344511.3140375.000
DECEMBER GAMES444210.5190250.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
EverBank Field111212.01201100.000
EverBank Field111212.01201100.000
Mall of America Field12147.0180150.000
LP Field7131299.9240753.810
Sun Life Stadium1177.07000.000
Lambeau Field1177.07000.000
Reliant Stadium122412.01912100.000
Ralph Wilson Stadium111717.01701100.000
Qualcomm Stadium114646.04601100.011
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
vs Buffalo Bills111717.01701100.000
vs Chicago Bears122613.01402100.000
vs Detroit Lions156312.6240480.010
vs Green Bay Packers1177.07000.000
vs Houston Texans222412.01912100.000
vs Indianapolis Colts233411.3190133.300
vs Jacksonville Jaguars111212.01201100.000
vs Miami Dolphins1177.07000.000
vs Minnesota Vikings12147.0180150.000
vs New England Patriots1155.05000.000
vs New York Jets12168.0110150.000
vs Pittsburgh Steelers1144.04000.000
vs San Diego Chargers114646.04601100.011
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
VS AFC TEAMS111316512.7461753.811
VS NFC TEAMS41011011.0240770.010
VS OWN DIVISION567011.7191466.700
OUTSIDE OWN DIVISION101720512.14601058.821
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
AHEAD BY 1-TO-8 POINTS022814.01702100.000
AHEAD BY 9-TO-16 POINTS0155.0501100.000
BEHIND BY 9-TO-16 POINTS04379.3190375.000
BEHIND BY 1-TO-8 POINTS023718.51912100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
OWN 1-20 - BY YARD LINE0812115.12408100.010
OWN 21-50 - BY YARD LINE01011211.2460330.011
OPP 49-20 - BY YARD LINE03186.0100266.700
OPP 19-1 - BY YARD LINE022412.0191150.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ON ARTIFICIAL SURFACES345012.5190375.000
ON GRASS FIELDS121922511.84611157.921
INDOOR GAMES355711.4191480.000
OUTDOOR GAMES121821812.14601055.621
HOME GAMES7131299.9240753.810
ROAD GAMES81014614.6461770.011
AS STARTER000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ATTEMPTS 1-THROUGH-10000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 11-THROUGH-20000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 21-THROUGH-30000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 31+000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
FIRST DOWN07689.7241457.110
SECOND DOWN0812615.8460450.011
THIRD DOWN077610.9190571.400
FOURTH DOWN0155.0501100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST HALF0111089.8191654.500
2ND HALF01013613.6460770.011
LAST TWO MINUTES OF HALF014646.04601100.011
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST QUARTER05397.8170240.000
2ND QUARTER066911.5191466.700
3RD QUARTER056212.4190480.000
4TH QUARTER057414.8460360.011
FOURTH QUARTER WITHIN 7011111.01101100.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
MARGIN 0-771314611.2240861.510
MARGIN 8-14100---000---00
MARGIN 15+71012912.9461660.011