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Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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player photo

18 Louis Murphy WR

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fantasy Stats
Key Stats
GPCatchesYdsAvgTDsFirst Downs
2015-16 · 2014-15 · 2013-14 · 2012-13 · 2011-12 · 2010-11 · 2009-10
2012 Situational Stats
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SUNDAY GAMES142226412.05111463.631
MONDAY GAMES126532.55502100.011
OTHER DAYS (NON MON/SUN)1177.07000.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
SEPTEMBER GAMES457815.6510360.011
OCTOBER GAMES345313.3260375.010
NOVEMBER GAMES448120.3550375.011
DECEMBER GAMES51212410.3341758.310
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
Arrowhead Stadium1188.0811100.000
Bank of America Stadium8121139.4260758.310
Georgia Dome1188.0801100.000
Lincoln Financial Field126532.55502100.011
Mercedes-Benz Superdome135719.0340266.710
Raymond James Stadium136321.0510266.711
Qualcomm Stadium12189.0110150.000
Soldier Field100---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
vs Atlanta Falcons26447.3160350.000
vs Chicago Bears100---000---00
vs Dallas Cowboys134816.02603100.010
vs Denver Broncos100---000---00
vs Kansas City Chiefs1188.0811100.000
vs New Orleans Saints235719.0340266.710
vs New York Giants1177.07000.000
vs Oakland Raiders1155.0501100.000
vs Philadelphia Eagles126532.55502100.011
vs San Diego Chargers12189.0110150.000
vs Seattle Seahawks1155.05000.000
vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers247518.8510375.011
vs Washington Redskins1144.04000.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
VS AFC TEAMS44317.8111375.000
VS NFC TEAMS122130514.55501361.942
VS OWN DIVISION61317613.5510861.521
OUTSIDE OWN DIVISION101216013.3551866.721
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
AHEAD BY 1-TO-8 POINTS06518.5160350.000
AHEAD BY 9-TO-16 POINTS04225.570250.000
BEHIND BY 9-TO-16 POINTS0713319.0550685.721
BEHIND BY 1-TO-8 POINTS0510521.0511480.021
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
OWN 1-20 - BY YARD LINE0612621.05506100.021
OWN 21-50 - BY YARD LINE058617.2510360.011
OPP 49-20 - BY YARD LINE010949.4260550.010
OPP 19-1 - BY YARD LINE04307.5111250.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ON ARTIFICIAL SURFACES246516.3340375.010
ON GRASS FIELDS142127112.95511361.932
INDOOR GAMES246516.3340375.010
OUTDOOR GAMES142127112.95511361.932
HOME GAMES8121139.4260758.310
ROAD GAMES81322317.2551969.232
AS STARTER000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
ATTEMPTS 1-THROUGH-10000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 11-THROUGH-20000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 21-THROUGH-30000---000---00
ATTEMPTS 31+000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
FIRST DOWN089411.8510337.511
SECOND DOWN01016616.6551990.021
THIRD DOWN077610.9340457.110
FOURTH DOWN000---000---00
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST HALF010888.8170660.000
2ND HALF01524816.55511066.742
LAST TWO MINUTES OF HALF02178.5110150.000
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
1ST QUARTER02189.0100150.000
2ND QUARTER08708.8170562.500
3RD QUARTER0510821.6550360.021
4TH QUARTER01014014.0511770.021
FOURTH QUARTER WITHIN 7044812.0260250.010
CATGRecYdsAvgLgTD1st1st %20+40+
MARGIN 0-781320115.55111076.931
MARGIN 8-145911012.2550555.611
MARGIN 15+33258.3110133.300