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Andrew Luck provided a quick update on his injury status Tuesday.
Taco Bueno has been angling for a deal with Charlton ever since he was drafted
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The Redskins were put through practice by coach Randy Jordan.
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The Chicago Bears guard was in attendance for one of the stranger moments of the week in the sports world on Monday.
Jeff Garcia, Jimmy Clausen and Justin Forsett explain their involvement in American Flag Football League
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The former Jets signal caller caught the ire of the once-promising NFLer
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Chicago Bears will never have to worry about bears overtaking the organization if they can band together.
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The Vikings receivers did work this offseason.
The Panthers added more playmakers to take some of the pressure off Newton this season
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Cam Heyward threw more fuel to the fire that has been burning with some Steelers after Elliott was ranked ahead of Le'Veon Bell in the NFL's Top 100 List.
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