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Pete's Mailbag: Take your best shot


I get it. My picks sucked last week.

You don't think I know that? I promise that will change. So lay off the e-mails. I have feelings, too.


Blister me. Rip me. Torch me. Say what you want. I am not like a thin-skinned NFL coach who lets every little thing bother him.

I care what you think.

I just don't let it bother me

So keep the e-mails coming. And keep em' nasty. Because of the overwhelming response to my crappy start to the picking of games and the constant you-hate-my-team rhetoric I get from you guys regarding the Power Rankings, I thought it a good time to start a mailbag. My chance to fire back at you.

How does it feel? I can be mean, too.

I do want to clear something up, though. This season I am writing the top to the weekly grades on Monday. I am only grading the game I cover with the rest being graded by our crack Rapid Reporters, who are on location for every NFL game.

The top to the column is mine. So rip me on that. The grades, except one, are not.

So don't send me e-mails complaining about your team's grades. For once, I can say that's not me.

The picks? They also weren't ... Yeah, I can't lie. Tim Tebow would get mad if I did. Those were mine.

But ease up.

I have feelings, too.

Sure I do.

Keep those nasty e-mails coming.

From: Nemesis of old

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Three correct picks. A freakin' OCTOPUS could do a better job at picking games than you. You're fired.

Damn, boss. Just because you didn't do well in the football pool, don't blame me. As for the octopus, I made a nice scungilli with it to go with a nice Chianti and some Fava beans. Get it?

From: Matt O'Hara

Pete, Your Tebow-hating is hard to stomach. Few have exhibited the competitive fire that he has. The kid is a proven leader and winner. And you will live to eat your words. And as mean as they are, I am sure they will taste like crap.

Not sure what that tastes like, but I sure don't want to find out. If I eat my words on Tebow, can I have hot sauce instead?

From: The Anti Pete

Pete, It's time for you to get to writing about what you were always meant to write about, Broadway Show Tunes. Good luck with the new career.

Hey, there's no business like show business. And anything you can do I can do. But I won't wash the man right out of my hair.

From: Chuck

Prisco, you're an ass. Just because he is someone that has more class, more ethics, more 'try' in his little finger than you have in your body, you feel that you have to tear down a first-year, first-game player. Go worship one of the many drug-dealing, dog-fighting, rapists in the NFL. He's a role model. You're a piece of crap.

Chuck, that's not very Christian of you to talk that way. He -- I think you mean Tebow and not the other He -- might not like that. By the way, I didn't rip the kid. I ripped the coach for using him the way he did. Read better, please.

From: Scott

Pete, I don't know what to say. Last year I watched your power rankings and came to the conclusion then that you truly sucked at it. Since our first games are behind us, today I decided to see where you stood this year. What I saw was that, of your top 10 picks, eight of which played yesterday (Sunday), only three even won their games. Not only did they lose but they all lost to teams that you had ranked far below them. If it were just one or even two, I'd say that's just how it goes. But 62.5 of your top-10 teams lost! I'd say you pretty much suck at this, and am reminded why I quit following your rankings last year. You've got to be right at least over 50-percent of the time if you are going to call yourself an NFL columnist. What a joke.

Me: Want to hear a good joke? A man and a priest walk into a bar. Ah, forget it. I'm off to a bad start. I get it. But you know what they say: Win early and lose late. For me, it's start slow and finish fast.

From: Dee Samuelson

I don't give a hoot about Tim Tebow. Ended up at your article while surfing for something else. However, it seems he may have a mountain to climb in your eyes before he gets a fair shake. If he's just starting out in the NFL, maybe you should be at the same spot -- just starting -- in your evaluation of him. My two-cents' worth

Me: He's not just any rookie, now is he? I just think the kid has a long ways to go to be an NFL quarterback -- if ever.

From: Andy B

Judging by your Raiders pick, I can tell you really know what you are talking about. How do I get that job?

Me: Don't pick the Raiders. Can I get a mulligan on that one? I think I was actually having an Al Davis moment when I made that pick. My brain was more bloated than JaMarcus Russell's stomach after a Purple Drank bender. I think I might be wrong. See, I can admit it. Once.

Pete Prisco has covered the NFL for three decades, including working as a beat reporter in Jacksonville for the Jaguars. He hosted his own radio show for seven years, and is the self-anointed star of CBS Sports' show, Eye on Football. When he's not watching game tape, you can find Pete on Twitter or dreaming of an Arizona State national title in football.

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