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Bryant has bigger problems than wearing his pants too low

by | National Columnist

It might be time for someone in the Dallas Cowboys organization to pull Dez Bryant into a room and explain to him the concept of ...

Oh, wait. The Cowboys can't have any contact with Bryant. Lockout rules. Damn.

Well, it might be time for a Bryant mentor like, say, Deion Sanders to pull Bryant into a room and explain to him the concept of ...

Sources around the league who know Bryant insist he isn't a bad guy. (US Presswire)  
Sources around the league who know Bryant insist he isn't a bad guy. (US Presswire)  
Oh, wait. Sanders abandoned his protégé after it was revealed Bryant had been terrorizing a mall by wearing his pants too low and for allegedly "creating a scene" after police questioned Bryant about his vertically challenged outerwear.

The mall's concern is understood. Malls, after all, ooze class. Where else can you get frozen yogurt, bad haircuts and six-day old sushi all under one roof?

Bryant has been in the news a lot lately and for reasons that must be concerning to the Cowboys. He was given a criminal trespass warning for The Underwear Incident (sounds like Bourne spoof). That feels like targeting by the mall of a young black man because his pants are low. What law does that violate? Butt crack penal code, Section II?

Sure, Bryant has reportedly had past issues at the mall, but pants too low? Seriously? Was this guy the prosecutor?

This is where Bryant's troubles get real. It was reported by that Bryant was sued for non-payment for $246,000 in jewelry. That, if true, is a troubling indicator for the future of Bryant.

Bryant has plenty of disposable income and, frankly, how he spends his cash is his business. I spend my disposable income on Muay Thai, flying airplanes and diet soda. Bryant spends his on cheesy jewelry. So what? He can afford it. Bryant's signing bonus was $8.5 million.

Yet apparently Bryant isn't paying his bills. The lawsuit alleges Bryant purchased $75,000 worth of jewelry before the draft, $144,000 in early February and $25,000 more later that month. In May, the lawsuit says, he bought a $23,000 diamond bracelet. Again, the purchases aren't the problem, and stop turning up your nose and drawing your judgments. Remember, these are extremely wealthy people, and the super rich don't shop the way you and I do. We take the train, they buy a jet.

If Bryant isn't paying for the purchases then that's the kind of red flag (red undergarments?) which should cause Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to slightly panic. Bryant allegedly demonstrates either extreme arrogance or ridiculous negligence -- and neither is a good option.

Many Americans have spent more than they earn. The heart of the financial crisis was ordinary people mortgaging their financial futures on homes and lines of credit they couldn't afford (or understand). Millions were affected and this country will never be the same because of it.

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Bryant can afford the jewelry (we think) but he's making the same mistakes as others. Pay cash. Put it on a debit card. You have millions in the bank (we think). Why risk all this ugly publicity? It makes no sense.

Talking to Cowboys officials and others around the league who know Bryant, they insist he isn't a bad guy. His decision-making seems -- ahem -- at times flawed but I don't think there's a horrid human being underneath the drooping pants.

There may be, however, a truly immature one. That's why, once the lockout ends, the Cowboys must have a Sopranos-like, come-to-Jesus, sit-down with arguably one of the best young wide receivers in the game. They don't need Michael Irvin the remix (off the field, I mean).

Bryant will likely say this was all some sort of misunderstanding. It might be resolved by the end of the week so the bad publicity is put behind Bryant quickly.

Bryant can spend his cash any way he desires but watch the lawsuits, dude. And consider wearing a belt.


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