Jets interested in substandard Moss, but why?

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The New York Jets, for all of their issues with women and propensity for bluster, are still difficult not to like. Rex Ryan is the same way. His guarantees have become so watered down, they're funny now. Ryan wakes up in the morning and guarantees he'll have bacon and eggs for breakfast.

So sure, the Jets are hard to dislike, unless they do something that remains a distinct possibility: sign Randy Moss.

Ryan recently raved about Moss, and despite what the Jets may say publicly, several league sources told the team is seriously intrigued by Moss. That doesn't mean they'll sign him, but it's a possibility.

Moss (81) and Brady in happier times. You know, before he quit on the Pats. (Getty Images)  
Moss (81) and Brady in happier times. You know, before he quit on the Pats. (Getty Images)  
To that, I say: Why? Why, Jets? Why, why, why?

In the name of all things holy, why?

Randy Moss is done. He's Allen Iverson or Ricky Henderson or Riddick Bowe at the end of their careers. Moss was once great. Moss was once unstoppable, but in the past two years, he has been full of malice and bitterness. It really has been two years since Moss has been any good. This is how bad Moss is: The Tennessee Titans gave up on him, and they stuck with Vince Young.

This is how bad Moss is: The New England Patriots gave up on him, and he was once one of Bill Belichick's favorites. Now, Belichick wouldn't touch Moss if Moss had a handbook on covert videotaping techniques.

I still find it difficult to believe Ryan will sign Moss. Ryan is smart and knows the cancerous quitter that Moss has become. Part of me wonders if Ryan is saying these things about Moss just to tweak the Patriots. Can't put that past him. He loves giving Belichick an elbow to the ribs.

But from what I'm being told, Ryan is open to Moss. "Randy Moss, I've said all along, is a great vertical receiver," Ryan told the Boston Globe at the owners meetings. "And you have to roll coverage. Most teams would have to roll coverage to him. We never did, but we got burned for a touchdown. But he was a weapon. A vertical weapon down the field."

Moss was that. No longer. He no longer intimidates. He's completely single-covered now.

Signing Moss would transform the Jets, and not for the better. Last season in Tennessee, the Titans ignored Moss. One Titans player told that Moss mostly kept to himself and was basically cut out of offensive game plans.

The same thing eventually would happen in New York. The exact same thing. Nothing can stop it. It's like trying to prevent John Daly from chasing large-breasted women.

The funny thing is every coach always feels the same as Ryan before Moss joins the team. They see old film of Moss running like The Flash, circling the planet at the speed of light, blistering defensive backs, crushing people. Then he gets to their team, and it doesn't take long to notice that Moss has not only lost a step, he no longer gives a damn.

He quit in Oakland. He quit on the Patriots. He quit in Minnesota. The Vikings waived him after Moss in a news conference ripped the coaching staff. In Tennessee last year, Moss had six catches for 80 yards. The Titans dumped him.

Now the Jets might be the latest suckers.

And that's what any team is now if they sign Moss. Suckers. Big, fat suckers.

The Jets are an up-and-coming franchise with great potential and a good locker room. They don't need Moss.

Don't do it, New York.

Don't do it.


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