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Haynesworth? Ochocinco? Even for Belichick, this is something

by | CBSSports.com National Columnist

The tweet from Chad Ochocinco came around 6 p.m. ET. It said this: "God is so good."

Yes, Bill Belichick is good. Yes he is.

That's a joke -- and while it's true that if you arranged the Belichick haters into one straight line, it would indeed circle the planet, even the fiercest of Belichick haters must admit what Belichick has accomplished in the past 24 hours has been amazing. Even for him.

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He got two players, one troubled but good, one a knucklehead but still talented, for a bucket of popcorn and satchel of golf balls. And speaking of balls, well, the "B" in Bill should stand for something else.

The Patriots have won Super Bowls and almost gone undefeated. They've had some amazing highs recently, but the past 24 hours for them -- outside of the Super Bowl appearances -- has been among the most impressive in recent team history. I can tell you in speaking to people around the league they are shaking their heads at what the Patriots have pulled off.

I'm told the Patriots aren't done either. There could be one more surprise, a league official said, coming down the pike.

Go ahead, hate. Go ahead and say Albert Haynesworth is a fat slob who quit on his team and Ochocinco is a freak show and a step slow. Some of that is true, but my guess is Belichick will get the most from them. He did with Randy Moss and others. My guess is the Patriots, again, are front runners for the Super Bowl.

In league circles, there is speculation that Belichick is making one last Super Bowl run before retiring. Not buying that. My guess is Belichick is making these aggressive moves because that's what Belichick does. He's an animal, and the Patriots have stockpiled so many draft picks he can take chances like these on reclamation projects, turning them from pumpkins to princes.

He's also competitive and the king of head games. Don't think Belichick hasn't been watching what's going on in New York -- the re-signing of their star receiver and the pursuit of another brilliant cover corner, a possible matching set of mini-Deions. He loves toying with the Jets and this is his way of doing that.

Belichick figures if he can make the team better while simultaneously sticking his finger in the eye of Rex Ryan, all the better.

I've said the Patriots are the best organization in football and Belichick its best coach. That is certainly debatable. But it is days like these when the Patriots are so aggressive and make themselves better with such little effort that it sometimes seems there are the Patriots, maybe one or two other franchises, and everyone else.

Belichick will have his work cut out for him. Ochocinco is difficult to harness and Haynesworth is so larded up his blood type is strawberry Pop Tart. But we heard the same thing about Moss: lazy, unmotivated. Then midway through the 2007 season, after Brady threw his one billionth TD to Moss, people were comparing Moss to Jerry Rice.

This Belichickian arrogance at its finest. I can fix them. Just watch me. As usual, he's probably right.


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