Pasquarelli: Speaking from experience, Manning will need more time

By Len Pasquarelli, The Sports Xchange

One of the components of Manning's recovery from neck surgery that hasn't received much attention, but one with which this columnist has a bit of unfortunate familiarity, is that the nerves affected by the procedure must regenerate before the four-time most valuable player is whole again.

And that requires time and patience. A few years ago, I was stricken with Guillaine-Barre Syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects the peripheral nerves.

Those nerves in the arms and legs regenerate at the rate of just one-quarter inch per month, and there is little anyone can do to hasten the process.

The nerves affected by Manning's neck surgery may be different, and could react a different way, but having them regenerate and "fire" again is likely a similarly lengthy and, at times frustrating, process.

It's easy to cite the lockout -- and the fact Manning wasn't able to work with Colts' doctors and trainers during his rehabilitation -- as part of the problem from which he is now suffering.

But even with the assistance of team medical personnel, there is some question about how much further advanced the regeneration of the nerves involved in the surgery would have been.

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