Tebow's star shines at Super Bowl event

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It may be some time before Tim Tebow plays in a Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean he can't be a star at the event.

Tebow, coming off his second season as Denver Broncos quarterback, is just that in Indianapolis. There to promote EA Sports, Tebow drew the most attention on Radio Row on Thursday, not that the Christ-centered athlete is entirely comfortable with it.

"Actually, I'm a pretty relaxed person and don???t love too much attention," Tebow said, according to yahoo! Sports. "Sometimes I'd love just go to dinner and relax with my friends and family and just be a normal kid, but it???s hard to do ??? [though] the pros definitely outweigh the cons because I can go into a hospital and share [time] with kids. I can build a hospital like we're doing in the Philippines."

Tebow is aware he's a big story though, and is trying to make the best of the situation, even when his personal life is brought into the equation.

"It's funny," Tebow told yahoo! sports over rumors of who he may be dating. "More than anything we laugh about it because so many things that get reported now are so far from the truth. And it's just funny. So really me and my friends and my family, we just laugh about it because you never know what is going to pop up in five or 10 minutes."

Despite the continuously light-hearted and positive attitude he expresses, Tebow said he takes prayer seriously and is not doing it for publicity.

"So many times people think I'm doing stuff as an outward expression," Tebow said. "[It's] more I'm just doing that as an inward thing for me, just to humble myself. When I get on a knee and pray before a game, that???s me humbling myself, not necessarily for anybody else. It's for me first."

Tebow said he looks forward to offseason mini camps, team activities and working with his coaches.

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