Baltimore Ravens

Stadium: M&T Bank Stadium | Coach: John Harbaugh
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense12th126.2 (8th)238.7 (13th)
Defense8th88.2 (4th)248.7 (23rd)
Last updated: Tue, June 2, 2015, 23:39 EDT
5/29Julian WilsonCBPlaced on IR, undisclosed
5/27Andrew BoseLBsigned
5/27Trey DePriestLBcut
5/14Andrew BoseLBcut
5/13Jarret JohnsonLBsigned from Chargers, One-day contract
5/13Jarret JohnsonLBretired
5/13Kyle ArringtonCBsigned from Patriots, Three-year contract (through 2017)
5/12Breshad PerrimanWRsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
5/12Andrew BoseLBsigned
5/12Daniel BrownWRsigned
5/12Leon BrownGsigned
5/12Darius AllenLBcut
5/12Phillip SupernawTEcut
5/12Keith WenningQBcut
5/11Carl DavisDTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Tray WalkerCBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Nick BoyleTEsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Robert MyersGsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Darren WallerWRsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Za'Darius SmithLBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Javorius AllenRBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Maxx WilliamsTEsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2018)
5/8Cam WorthyWRsigned
5/8Julian WilsonCBsigned
5/8De'Ondre WesleyTsigned
5/8Nick PerrySsigned
5/8Justin MantonPsigned
5/8Terrence MageeRBsigned
5/8Jerry LovelockeQBsigned
5/8Darius AllenLBsigned
5/8Darryl BaldwinTsigned
5/8Brennen BeyerLBsigned
5/8DeAndre CarterWRsigned
5/8Blaine ClausellTsigned
5/8Trey DePriestLBsigned
5/8Nick EastonTsigned
5/8Kaleb JohnsonGsigned
5/7Ed ReedSsigned from Jets, One-day contract
5/7Ed ReedSretired
5/7Will HillSre-signed/restricted free agent
4/29Fitzgerald ToussaintRBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/23Justin TuckerKre-signed/restricted free agent
4/23Will HillSre-signed/restricted free agent
4/22Casey WalkerDTre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/21Patrick ScalesTEre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/21Jimmy SmithCBre-signed, Four-year extension (through 2019)
4/20Kamar AikenWRre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/20Tramain JacobsCBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/18Brynden TrawickSre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/9Jah ReidGre-signed/unrestricted free agent, One-year contract (through 2015)
3/31Matt SchaubQBsigned from Raiders, One-year contract (through 2015)
3/27Chris CantyDEsigned, Two-year contract (through 2016)
3/19Lawrence GuyDEre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Two-year contract (through 2016)
3/18Chris CantyDEsigned, Two-year contract (through 2016)
3/18Bernard PierceRBcut
3/17Christo BilukidiDTre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Two-year contract (through 2016)
3/17Morgan CoxCre-signed/unrestricted free agent
3/12Justin ForsettRBre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Three-year contract (through 2017)
3/12Anthony LevineSre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Two-year contract (through 2016)
3/10Antoine CasonCBdeclared free agent
3/10Anthony LevineSdeclared free agent
3/10Owen DanielsTEdeclared free agent
3/10Justin ForsettRBdeclared free agent
3/10Danny GorrerCBdeclared free agent
3/10Lawrence GuyDEdeclared free agent
3/10Pernell McPheeLBdeclared free agent
3/10Jeromy MilesSdeclared free agent
3/10Will RackleyGdeclared free agent
3/10Jah ReidGdeclared free agent
3/10Aaron RossCBdeclared free agent
3/10Torrey SmithWRdeclared free agent
3/10Darian StewartSdeclared free agent
3/10Kevin McDermottTEdeclared free agent
3/10Justin TuckerKRestricted Free Agent
3/10Tyrod TaylorQBdeclared free agent
3/10Will HillSRestricted Free Agent
3/10Christo BilukidiDTdeclared free agent
3/10Morgan CoxCdeclared free agent
3/9Patrick ScalesTEre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Kamar AikenWRre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Brynden TrawickSre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Phillip SupernawTEre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Ryan JensenCre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Tramain JacobsCBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Casey WalkerDTre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Steven MeansLBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/9Rashaan MelvinCBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/2Victor HamptonCBcut
2/27Chris CantyDEcut
2/27Christo BilukidiDTre-signed, Two-year extension (through 2016)
2/25Jacoby JonesWRcut
2/2Brent UrbanDETaken off IR, knee
2/2Kevin McDermottTETaken off IR, undisclosed
2/2Rick WagnerGTaken off IR, foot
2/2Tramain JacobsCBTaken off IR, thigh
2/2Asa JacksonCBTaken off IR, knee
2/2Terrence BrooksSTaken off IR, knee
2/2Lorenzo TaliaferroRBTaken off IR, foot
2/2Jah ReidGTaken off IR, hand
2/2Danny GorrerCBTaken off IR, torn MCL, PCL
2/2Jeremy ButlerWRTaken off IR, AC shoulder join sprain
2/2Dennis PittaTETaken off IR, hip
2/2Christo BilukidiDTTaken off IR, ankle
2/2Morgan CoxCTaken off IR, torn ACL
2/2Jimmy SmithCBTaken off IR, foot
2/2Will RackleyGTaken off IR, concussion
2/2Kapron Lewis-MooreDETaken off IR, Achilles
2/2Aaron RossCBTaken off IR, Achilles
2/2Terrence CodyNTcut
2/2Arthur BrownLBTaken off IR, thigh
1/22Aldrick RobinsonWRsigned
1/12Konrad ReulandTEsigned
1/12Allen ReisnerTEsigned
1/12Marcel JonesGsigned
1/12Quinton PointerCBsigned
1/12Kiero SmallRBsigned
1/12Bryn RennerQBsigned from Broncos
1/12Keith WenningQBsigned
1/12Victor HamptonCBsigned from Giants
1/2Arthur BrownLBPlaced on IR, thigh
12/29Haloti NgataDTsuspension lifted
12/23J.J. 'UngaGpractice squad addition from Bills
12/23Nate MenkinTpractice squad addition from Texans
12/23Rick WagnerGPlaced on IR, foot
12/23Zach ThompsonLBpractice squad deletion
12/23Steven MeansLBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/18Kevin McDermottTEPlaced on IR, undisclosed
12/18Patrick ScalesTEsigned from Buccaneers
12/18Emmanuel OgbuehiTEpractice squad deletion
12/18Tauren PooleRBpractice squad addition from Panthers
12/17Chris GreenwoodCBActivated from the Practice Squad from Vikings
12/16Asa JacksonCBPlaced on IR, knee
12/16Lorenzo TaliaferroRBPlaced on IR, foot
12/16Zach ThompsonLBpractice squad addition from Broncos
12/16Quinton PointerCBpractice squad addition from Buccaneers
12/16Ryan JensenCActivated from the Practice Squad
12/16Casey WalkerDTActivated from the Practice Squad from Patriots
12/16Terrence BrooksSPlaced on IR, knee
12/13Jah ReidGPlaced on IR, hand
12/13Fitzgerald ToussaintRBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/10Alec LemonWRpractice squad addition from Texans
12/9Antoine CasonCBsigned from Panthers
12/9Aldrick RobinsonWRpractice squad addition from Redskins
12/9LaQuan WilliamsWRpractice squad deletion
12/9Danny GorrerCBPlaced on IR, torn MCL, PCL
12/8Allen ReisnerTEpractice squad addition
12/6Tramain JacobsCBPlaced on IR, thigh
12/5Phillip SupernawTEActivated from the Practice Squad
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