Baltimore Ravens

Stadium: M&T Bank Stadium | Coach: John Harbaugh
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense14th92.4 (26th)266.9 (8th)
Defense8th103.8 (11th)233.6 (10th)
Last updated: Sat, July 23, 2016, 02:01 EDT
7/21Eugene MonroeTretired
7/15Justin TuckerKre-signed, Four-year contract (through 2019)
7/1Darren WallerWRsuspended, 4 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
6/15Eugene MonroeTcut
6/14Bronson KaufusiDEsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/31Keenan ReynoldsWRsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/16Josh JohnsonQBsigned/unrestricted free agent from Bills
5/16Vladimir DucasseGsigned/unrestricted free agent from Bears
5/16Sam BrownSsigned
5/13Jerraud PowersCBsigned/unrestricted free agent from Cardinals
5/13Jermaine WhiteheadScut
5/13Nick PerryScut
5/13Nordly CapiDEcut
5/13Marlon BrownWRcut
5/13Ronnie StanleyTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
5/9Tavon YoungCBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Trevon ColeyDTsigned
5/6Cavellis LuckettLBsigned
5/6Wil LutzKsigned
5/6Stephane NembotTsigned
5/6Victor OchiLBsigned
5/6Mario OjemudiaLBsigned
5/6Patrick OnwuasorLBsigned
5/6Michael PierceDTsigned
5/6Matt SkuraCsigned
5/6Maurice CanadyCBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Anthony FabianoCsigned
5/6Jarell BroxtonGsigned
5/6Chris MooreWRsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Alex LewisTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Matt JudonDEsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Willie HenryDTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Kamalei CorreaLBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Kenneth DixonRBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/6Terrence MageeRBcut
5/6Chuck JacobsWRcut
5/3Konrad ReulandTEdeclared free agent
5/3Leon BrownGcut
5/2Matt ElamSteam declines option, Fifth-year option on rookie contract
4/27De'Ondre WesleyTre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/19Jermaine WhiteheadSre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/19Jumal RolleCBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/18Jeremy ButlerWRre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/18Trent RichardsonRBsigned from Raiders
4/18Kaelin ClayWRre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/18Kamar AikenWRre-signed/restricted free agent
4/13Harold SpearsTEcut
4/12Chase FordTEcut
4/8Cam WorthyWRcut
4/7Chris MatthewsWRre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/6Daniel BrownWRre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/6Terrance WestRBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/28Terrence MageeRBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/24Chase FordTEre-signed/restricted free agent
3/18Tray WalkerCBdeceased
3/17Marlon BrownWRre-signed/unrestricted free agent
3/17Chris CarterLBre-signed/unrestricted free agent
3/16Will Hill IIIScut
3/15Mike WallaceWRsigned from Vikings, Two-year contract (through 2017)
3/9Kamar AikenWRRestricted Free Agent
3/9Chase FordTERestricted Free Agent
3/9Chris CarterLBdeclared free agent
3/9Chris GivensWRdeclared free agent
3/9Kelechi OsemeleGdeclared free agent
3/9Allen ReisnerTEdeclared free agent
3/9Matt SchaubQBdeclared free agent
3/9Courtney UpshawLBdeclared free agent
3/9Brynden TrawickSdeclared free agent
3/9Micajah ReynoldsDTdeclared free agent
3/9Marlon BrownWRdeclared free agent
3/9Jimmy ClausenQBdeclared free agent
3/9Morgan CoxCre-signed, Five-year extension (through 2020)
3/9Chris CantyDEdeclared free agent
3/4Justin TuckerKre-signed/franchise, One-year tender (through 2016)
3/3Daryl SmithLBcut
3/2Joe FlaccoQBre-signed, Three-year extension (through 2021)
2/26Justin TuckerKDesignated franchise player
2/8Michael CampanaroWRTaken off IR, back
2/8Will DavisCBTaken off IR, torn ACL
2/8Lorenzo TaliaferroRBTaken off IR, foot
2/8Darren WallerWRTaken off IR, hamstring
2/8Steve Smith Sr.WRTaken off IR, torn right Achilles tendon
2/8Breshad PerrimanWRTaken off IR, sprained PCL
2/8Jeremy ZuttahGTaken off IR, partially torn pectoral
2/8Joe FlaccoQBTaken off IR, torn left ACL, MCL
2/8Justin ForsettRBTaken off IR, broken right arm
2/8Chase FordTETaken off IR, shoulder
2/8Eugene MonroeTTaken off IR, shoulder
2/8Chris CantyDETaken off IR, pectoral tear
2/8Crockett GillmoreTETaken off IR, back
2/8Marlon BrownWRTaken off IR, back
2/8Matt ElamSTaken off IR, biceps
2/8Cam WorthyWRTaken off IR, foot
2/8Julian WilsonCBTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Dennis PittaTEActivated from the physically unable to perform list
2/8Allen ReisnerTETaken off IR, ankle
2/8Micajah ReynoldsDTTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Terrell SuggsLBTaken off IR, torn left Achilles
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