Carolina Panthers

Stadium: Bank of America Stadium | Coach: Ron Rivera
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense11th142.6 (2nd)224.3 (24th)
Defense6th88.4 (4th)234.5 (11th)
Last updated: Tue, June 21, 2016, 18:31 EDT
6/17Michael OherTre-signed, Three-year extension (through 2019)
6/7Michael PalardyPcut
6/7Mike ScifresPsigned from Chargers, One-year contract (through 2016)
6/6Ryan KalilCre-signed, Two-year extension (through 2018)
5/24Jake McGeeTETaken off IR, undisclosed
5/24Jake McGeeTEcut
5/23Jake McGeeTEPlaced on IR, undisclosed
5/20Tobais PalmerWRsigned from Steelers
5/20LaRon ByrdWRsigned from Redskins
5/20Andrew BonnetTEcut
5/19Avius CapersWRsigned
5/17Marcus LucasWRacquired from waivers from Bears
5/16Jenson StoshakWRcut
5/16Ras-I DowlingScut
5/16Jalen SimmonsRBsigned
5/16Miles ShulerWRsigned
5/16Jordan RigsbeeTsigned
5/16Shaquille RichardsonCBsigned from Titans
5/16Braxton DeaverTEsigned
5/16Jared BarberLBsigned
5/16Brandon BoykinCBcut
5/13Vernon ButlerDTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
5/12Zack SanchezCBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/10James BradberryCBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/10Beau SandlandTEsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/10Daryl WorleyCBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/2Jenson StoshakWRsigned
5/2Jared NorrisLBsigned
5/2Devon JohnsonRBsigned
5/2Keyarris GarrettWRsigned
5/2Jeremy CashLBsigned
5/2Andrew BonnetTEsigned
5/2Jake McGeeTEsigned
4/29Robert ThomasDTacquired from waivers from Dolphins
4/20Josh NormanCBdeclared free agent
4/12Mike RemmersTre-signed/restricted free agent
4/4Kyle LoveDTre-signed/unrestricted free agent, One-year contract (through 2016)
4/4Michael PalardyKsigned from Rams
3/22Star LotuleleiDTteam exercises option, Fifth-year option on rookie contract
3/21Trenton RobinsonSsigned from Redskins, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/15Paul SoliaiNTsigned from Falcons, Two-year contract (through 2017)
3/10Joe WebbQBre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Two-year contract (through 2017)
3/9Jerricho CotcheryWRdeclared free agent
3/9Cortland FinneganCBdeclared free agent
3/9Tyronne GreenGdeclared free agent
3/9Roman HarperSdeclared free agent
3/9Kyle LoveDTdeclared free agent
3/9Brad NortmanPdeclared free agent
3/9Amini SilatoluGdeclared free agent
3/9Charles TillmanCBdeclared free agent
3/9Fernando VelascoCdeclared free agent
3/9Joe WebbQBdeclared free agent
3/9Frank AlexanderDEdeclared free agent
3/9Mike RemmersTRestricted Free Agent
3/9Charles JohnsonDEsigned, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/9Mike TolbertRBre-signed, Two-year extension (through 2017)
3/7Stephen HillWRre-signed, One-year extension (through 2016)
3/3Charles JohnsonDEcut
3/3Dwan EdwardsDTcut
3/3Nate ChandlerTcut
3/2Ben JacobsLBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/1Josh NormanCBDesignated franchise player
2/18Jared AllenDEretired
2/17J.J. JansenCre-signed, Five-year extension (through 2020)
2/16Wes HortonDEre-signed, One-year contract (through 2016)
2/11Swayze WatersKsigned from Steelers
2/9Marcus BallSsigned
2/9Chas AlecxihDTsigned
2/9Damiere ByrdWRsigned
2/9Rakim CoxDEsigned
2/9Reese DismukesGsigned
2/9Ras-I DowlingSsigned
2/9David FoucaultTsigned
2/9Brian BlechenLBsigned
2/8Charles TillmanCBTaken off IR, torn right ACL
2/8Bene BenwikereCBTaken off IR, fractured left leg
2/8Amini SilatoluGTaken off IR, torn left ACL
2/8Nate ChandlerTTaken off IR, right knee
2/8Arthur MileyDETaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Kelvin BenjaminWRTaken off IR, torn left ACL
2/8Frank AlexanderDETaken off IR, torn right Achilles
2/8Tyronne GreenGTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Stephen HillWRTaken off IR, torn right ACL
1/6Wes HortonDEpractice squad addition
1/5Charles TillmanCBPlaced on IR, torn right ACL
1/5Lou YoungCBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/28Wes HortonDEcut
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