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Denver Broncos

Stadium: Sports Authority Field | Coach: Vance Joseph
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense27th92.8 (27th)230.3 (21st)
Defense4th130.3 (28th)185.8 (1st)
Last updated: Fri, January 6, 2017, 18:20 EST
1/2Justin MurrayTsigned
1/2Jeff OverbaughLBsigned from Rams
1/2Zac BrooksRBsigned
1/2Travis RacitiDTsigned
1/2Kevin SnyderLBsigned
1/2Hunter SharpWRsigned
1/2Iosia IosiaDEsigned
1/2Dillon DayCsigned
1/2Steven ScheuTEsigned
12/28Kayvon WebsterCBon IR, concussion
12/28DeMarcus WareLBon IR, back
12/28Taurean NixonCBactive/prac. squad
12/28Iosia IosiaDEpract. squad add from Cardinals
12/28Reese DismukesCpract. squad add from Panthers
12/28Hunter SharpWRpract. squad add from Eagles
12/28Kyle PekoNTactive/prac. squad
12/23Austin DavisQBcut
12/23Henry Krieger-CobleTEactive/prac. squad
12/20Austin TraylorTEpract. squad add from Ravens
12/16Vontarrius DoraLBactive/prac. squad
12/16Casey KreiterCon IR, calf
12/15Kevin SnyderLBpract. squad add from Patriots
12/14Zac BrooksRBpract. squad add from Seahawks
12/13Terrell WatsonRBpract. squad del
12/10Marlon BrownWRon IR, back
12/10Quentin GauseLBactive/prac. squad
12/8Travis RacitiDTpract. squad add from Vikings
12/5Kapri BibbsRBon IR, ankle
12/5Justin ForsettRBacquired from waiver from Lions
12/2Kalif RaymondWRactive/prac. squad
12/2Andy JanovichRBon IR, ankle
11/26Darian StewartSre-signed, Four-year extension (through 2020)
11/25Thomas GaffordCsigned from Raiders
11/25Darius KilgoDTcut
11/23Taurean NixonCBpract. squad add
11/22Ryan MurphySpract. squad del
11/21Marlon BrownWRsigned
11/21Taurean NixonCBcut
11/9Ryan MurphySpract. squad add
11/5John PhillipsTEcut
11/5Taurean NixonCBactive/prac. squad
11/2Terrell WatsonRBpract. squad add from Browns
10/29Juwan ThompsonRBactive/prac. squad
10/28C.J. AndersonRBon IR, knee
10/25Shiloh KeoScut
10/25A.J. DerbyTEtraded from Patriots, for 2017 5th round draft pick
10/19Steven ScheuTEpract. squad add from Patriots
10/19Quentin GauseLBpract. squad add from Patriots
10/18Reshard CliettLBpract. squad del
10/18Mose FrazierWRpract. squad del
10/17Darrion WeemsTcut
10/17Billy TurnerGacquired from waiver from Ravens
9/22Kyle PekoNTpract. squad add
9/22Ryan MurphySpract. squad del
9/21Shiloh KeoSsigned
9/21Shiloh KeoSreinstated
9/20Kyle PekoNTcut
9/17Shiloh KeoScut
9/13Reshard CliettLBpract. squad add from Texans
9/13Kyle KragenLBpract. squad del
9/7Emmanuel SandersWRre-signed, Three-year extension (through 2019)
9/5Kalif RaymondWRpract. squad add
9/4Dillon DayCpract. squad add
9/4Vontarrius DoraLBpract. squad add
9/4Mose FrazierWRpract. squad add
9/4Kyle KragenLBpract. squad add
9/4Henry Krieger-CobleTEpract. squad add
9/4Ryan MurphySpract. squad add
9/4Justin MurrayTpract. squad add
9/4Taurean NixonCBpract. squad add
9/4Juwan ThompsonRBpract. squad add
9/3Taurean NixonCBcut
9/3Justin MurrayTcut
9/3Robert Myers Jr.Gcut
9/3Austin DavisQBsigned from Browns
9/3Eddie YarbroughLBcut
9/3John TidwellCBcut
9/3Juwan ThompsonRBcut
9/3Sadat SulleymanLBcut
9/3Kalif RaymondWRcut
9/3Dwayne NormanLBcut
9/3Ronnie HillmanRBcut
9/3Henry MeltonDTcut
9/3Mark SanchezQBcut
9/3Dillon DayCcut
9/3Vontarrius DoraLBcut
9/3Mose FrazierWRcut
9/3Lars HansonTcut
9/3Lars KohtDTcut
9/3Kyle KragenLBcut
9/3Henry Krieger-CobleTEcut
9/3B.J. LoweryCBcut
9/3Ryan MurphyScut
9/3Aaron NearyGcut
8/30Bralon AddisonWRcut
8/30Kyle RobertsTcut
8/30Garrett GrahamTEon IR, shoulder
8/30Britton ColquittPcut
8/29Antonio GloverScut
8/29Darnell SankeyLBcut
8/29DeVier PoseyWRcut
8/29Durron NealWRcut
8/29David MoalaNTcut
8/29Cameron JeffersonTcut
8/29Frank ShannonLBcut
8/29Brandian RossScut
8/29Manasseh GarnerTEcut
8/29Mathu GibsonTcut
8/29Calvin HeurtelouNTcut
8/22Sam CarlsonTcut
8/21Henry MeltonDTsigned/unrest FA from Buccaneers, One-year contract (through 2016)
8/19Vance WalkerDEon IR, torn right ACL
8/19Manasseh GarnerTEsigned
8/12Shiloh KeoSsuspended, 2 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
8/10Phil TaylorNTcut
8/8Kenny AnunikeDEcut
8/8Ryan MurphySsigned
8/6Sam BrennerCon IR, concussion
8/5Mathu GibsonTsigned
8/4Sam CarlsonTsigned from Titans
8/4Marlon BrownWRcut
8/3Lars KohtDTsigned from Seahawks
8/3Shaneil JenkinsDEcut
8/1Billy WinnDEsigned/unrest FA from Colts
8/1Phil TaylorDEon IR, knee
7/28John PhillipsTEsigned/unrest FA from Chargers
7/28Manasseh GarnerTEcut
7/27Cyrus GrayRBcut
7/27Marlon BrownWRsigned from Ravens
7/26Darnell SankeyLBsigned
7/26Nathan TheusLBcut
7/15Von MillerLBre-signed, Six-year contract (through 2021)
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