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New England Patriots

Stadium: Gillette Stadium | Coach: Bill Belichick
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense6th87.8 (30th)286.7 (5th)
Defense9th98.8 (8th)240.7 (16th)
Last updated: Fri, April 29, 2016, 02:01 EDT
4/25Tom BradyQBsuspended, 4 games (Conduct detrimental to league)
4/22Christian YountLBsigned from Browns
4/22Tony StewardLBsigned from Bills
4/15Ishmaa'ily KitchenNTcut
4/15Chris JonesDTcut
4/14Tyler GaffneyRBsigned
4/13Dominique EasleyDTcut
4/12Brandon KingSre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/12Justin ColemanCBre-signed/exclusive rights free agent
4/11Tyler GaffneyRBcut
4/7Markus KuhnDTsigned/unrestricted free agent from Giants
4/4Terrance KnightonNTsigned/unrestricted free agent from Redskins
4/4Clay HarborTEsigned/unrestricted free agent from Jaguars
3/30E.J. BiggersCBsigned/unrestricted free agent from Eagles
3/18Chris LongDEsigned from Rams, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/17Donald BrownRBsigned from Chargers, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/17Martellus BennettTEtraded from Bears, w/ draft pick for 2016 4th-round pick
3/15Jonathan CooperGtraded from Cardinals, w/ 2nd-round pick for DE Chandler Jones
3/15Nate EbnerSre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Two-year contract (through 2017)
3/11Chris HoganWRsigned/offer sheet from Bills, Three-year contract (through 2018)
3/11Frank KearseDTsigned/unrestricted free agent from Redskins
3/9Sealver SiligaDTdeclared free agent
3/9Brian TymsWRdeclared free agent
3/9LeGarrette BlountRBdeclared free agent
3/9Tarell BrownCBdeclared free agent
3/9Tavon WilsonSdeclared free agent
3/9Ryan WendellCdeclared free agent
3/9Dekoda WatsonLBdeclared free agent
3/9Ramon HumberLBsigned from Saints
3/9Dane FletcherLBcut
3/9Nate EbnerSdeclared free agent
3/9Akiem HicksDTdeclared free agent
3/9Steven JacksonRBdeclared free agent
3/9Brandon GibsonWRdeclared free agent
3/4Darius FlemingLBcut
3/2Scott ChandlerTEcut
3/2Brandon LaFellWRcut
2/17Jerod MayoLBretired
2/17Leonard JohnsonCBcut
2/8Chris JonesDTActivated from the physically unable to perform list
2/8Dane FletcherLBActivated from the physically unable to perform list
2/8Rufus JohnsonLBActivated from the physically unable to perform list
2/8A.J. DerbyTETaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Tyler GaffneyRBTaken off IR, knee
2/8Brandon GibsonWRTaken off IR, knee
2/8Brian TymsWRTaken off IR, foot
2/8James DevelinRBTaken off IR, fractured right fibia
2/8Darryl RobertsCBTaken off IR, wrist
2/8Nate SolderTTaken off IR, torn right biceps
2/8Tarell BrownCBTaken off IR, foot
2/8Ryan WendellCTaken off IR, knee
2/8Dion LewisRBTaken off IR, torn left ACL
2/8Aaron DobsonWRTaken off IR, high ankle sprain
2/8Trey FlowersDETaken off IR, shoulder, knee
2/8Dominique EasleyDTTaken off IR, thigh
2/8LeGarrette BlountRBTaken off IR, hip
2/8Jerod MayoLBTaken off IR, shoulder
2/1J.J. WortonWRpractice squad deletion
2/1Montee BallRBpractice squad deletion
1/26Joe VellanoDTsigned from Colts
1/25Rashaan MelvinCBsigned
1/25Keavon MiltonGsigned
1/25Joey IosefaRBsigned
1/25DeAndre CarterWRsigned
1/25Chris BarkerGsigned
1/25Cedric ThompsonSsigned
1/25Brock VereenSsigned
1/23Kevin SnyderLBActivated from the Practice Squad
1/21James VaughtersLBsigned from Packers
1/19Jerod MayoLBPlaced on IR, shoulder
1/13DeAndre CarterWRpractice squad addition
1/13Torrian WilsonGpractice squad deletion
1/12Cedric ThompsonSpractice squad addition from Dolphins
1/12J.J. WortonWRpractice squad addition from Rams
1/12DeAndre CarterWRpractice squad deletion
12/30Troy HillCBcut
12/30Ishmaa'ily KitchenNTsigned
12/30Joey IosefaRBpractice squad addition
12/29Dekoda WatsonLBsigned
12/28Joey IosefaRBcut
12/26Leonard HankersonWRcut
12/26Chris HarperWRActivated from the Practice Squad
12/25Troy HillCBacquired from waivers from Bengals
12/25Asante ClevelandTEcut
12/22Steven JacksonRBsigned from Falcons
12/22Ishmaa'ily KitchenNTcut
12/21Eric MartinLBPlaced on IR, undisclosed
12/19Joey IosefaRBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/16LeGarrette BlountRBPlaced on IR, hip
12/16LaAdrian WaddleTacquired from waivers from Lions
12/16Kevin SnyderLBpractice squad addition from 49ers
12/16Damaris JohnsonWRcut
12/16Leonard HankersonWRacquired from waivers from Falcons
12/16Trey WilliamsRBpractice squad deletion
12/16Ishmaa'ily KitchenNTsigned from Lions
12/15Austin HillWRpractice squad deletion
12/15DeAndre CarterWRpractice squad addition from Raiders
12/15Montee BallRBpractice squad addition from Broncos
12/15Kelcy QuarlesDTpractice squad deletion
12/15Dominique EasleyDTPlaced on IR, thigh
12/12Trey WilliamsRBpractice squad addition
12/12Eric MartinLBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/10Chris GreenwoodCBpractice squad deletion
12/10Rashaan MelvinCBpractice squad addition
12/10Trey WilliamsRBcut
12/9Leonard JohnsonCBsigned from Buccaneers
12/9Eric MartinLBpractice squad addition
12/8Joseph FauriaTEpractice squad deletion
12/8Rashaan MelvinCBcut
12/2Chris HarperWRpractice squad addition
12/2Kelcy QuarlesDTpractice squad addition from Browns
12/1Trey WilliamsRBacquired from waivers from Cowboys
12/1Damaris JohnsonWRsigned from Texans
12/1Trey FlowersDEPlaced on IR, shoulder, knee
12/1Austin HillWRpractice squad addition
11/30Chris HarperWRcut
11/28Dewey McDonaldScut
11/28Asante ClevelandTEActivated from the Practice Squad
11/28Darius FlemingLBActivated from the Practice Squad
11/27Eric MartinLBcut
11/26Dewey McDonaldSActivated from the Practice Squad
11/26Aaron DobsonWRPlaced on IR, high ankle sprain
11/19Chris BarkerGpractice squad addition
11/19Blaine ClausellTpractice squad deletion
11/18Joseph FauriaTEpractice squad addition from Cardinals
11/18Dewey McDonaldSpractice squad deletion
11/18Ross VentroneSpractice squad deletion
11/18Brock VereenSpractice squad addition from Vikings
11/18Chris GreenwoodCBpractice squad addition from Ravens
11/17Chris BarkerGcut
11/17Chris HarperWRActivated from the Practice Squad
11/14Dewey McDonaldSpractice squad addition
11/14Chris BarkerGActivated from the Practice Squad
11/12Robert ThomasDEpractice squad addition from Seahawks
11/12Eric MartinLBActivated from the Practice Squad
11/12Dewey McDonaldScut
11/10Austin HillWRpractice squad deletion
11/10Torrian WilsonGpractice squad addition from Lions
11/10Keavon MiltonGpractice squad addition from Seahawks
11/10Floyd Raven Sr.Spractice squad deletion
11/9Dion LewisRBPlaced on IR, torn left ACL
11/7Ryan WendellCPlaced on IR, knee
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