New Orleans Saints

Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Superdome | Coach: Sean Payton
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense2nd93.2 (24th)310.6 (1st)
Defense31st129.4 (28th)284.0 (30th)
Last updated: Fri, May 27, 2016, 17:40 EDT
5/23Connor BarthKsigned from Buccaneers
5/23Chris HighlandTEcut
5/23Vincent BrownWRsigned from Chargers
5/18David OnyemataDTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/17Josh ScobeeKcut
5/17Jimmy PruittCBsigned
5/17Bryan WitzmannTcut
5/16Tyrus ThompsonTsigned from Lions
5/16Tony StewardLBsigned from Patriots
5/16Jake LampmanWRsigned
5/16Shane WynnWRcut
5/16Griffin NealQBcut
5/16Mike CaputoScut
5/11Vonn BellSsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/9Michael ThomasWRsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/9Sheldon RankinsDTsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
5/9Daniel LascoRBsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2019)
5/9Phillip HuntDEcut
5/9Vick BallardRBcut
5/9Toben OpurumRBcut
5/6Jordan Williams-LambertWRsigned
5/6Mitchell LoewenDEsigned
5/6Avery YoungTsigned
5/6Ryker MathewsGsigned
5/6Tommylee LewisWRsigned
5/6Dillon LeeLBsigned
5/6Sione HoumaRBsigned
5/6Marcus HenryCsigned
5/6De'Vante HarrisSsigned
5/6Jared DangerfieldWRsigned
5/6Trae ElstonSsigned
5/6Ken CrawleyCBsigned
5/6Joseph CheekGsigned
5/6Mike CaputoSsigned
5/6Jack AllenCsigned
5/6Landon TurnerGsigned
5/6Dominique TovellLBsigned
5/6Jeff SchoettmerLBsigned
5/6D.J. PettwayDEsigned
5/4Terron ArmsteadTre-signed, Five-year extension (through 2021)
5/3Chris HighlandTEsigned
4/25Tavaris BarnesDEcut
4/25Vinnie SunseriScut
4/22Kenny VaccaroSteam exercises option, Fifth-year option on rookie contract
4/21Tim LelitoGre-signed/restricted free agent
4/15Tim HightowerRBre-signed/unrestricted free agent
4/11Griffin NealQBsigned
3/25Josh HillTEMatched Offer Sheet, Three-year contract (through 2018)
3/17James LaurinaitisLBsigned from Rams, Three-year contract (through 2018)
3/17Jamarca SanfordSre-signed/unrestricted free agent, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/16Luke McCownQBre-signed/unrestricted free agent, Two-year contract (through 2017)
3/10Kyle WilsonCBre-signed, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/10Senio KelemeteCre-signed, Two-year extension (through 2017)
3/10Kai ForbathKre-signed/unrestricted free agent, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/10Travaris CadetRBre-signed/unrestricted free agent, One-year contract (through 2016)
3/9Matt FlynnQBdeclared free agent
3/9Kai ForbathKdeclared free agent
3/9Tim HightowerRBdeclared free agent
3/9Tony HillsTdeclared free agent
3/9Michael HoomanawanuiTEdeclared free agent
3/9Kendall HunterRBdeclared free agent
3/9Luke McCownQBdeclared free agent
3/9Mike McGlynnGdeclared free agent
3/9Chris OwensCBdeclared free agent
3/9Jamarca SanfordSdeclared free agent
3/9Benjamin WatsonTEdeclared free agent
3/9Kevin WilliamsDTdeclared free agent
3/9Travaris CadetRBdeclared free agent
3/9Rafael BushSdeclared free agent
3/9James AndersonLBdeclared free agent
3/9Khiry RobinsonRBdeclared free agent
3/9Lawrence VirgilNTdeclared free agent
3/9Ryan SeymourTdeclared free agent
3/9Austin BrownNTdeclared free agent
3/9Josh HillTERestricted Free Agent
3/9Tim LelitoGRestricted Free Agent
3/4Josh ScobeeKsigned from Steelers
2/29Marques ColstonWRcut
2/8P.J. WilliamsCBTaken off IR, torn hamstring
2/8C.J. SpillerRBTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Seantavius JonesWRcut
2/8Jahri EvansGcut
2/8David HawthorneLBcut
2/8Ramon HumberLBcut
2/8Tony CarterCBsigned
2/8Jack TabbTETaken off IR, leg
2/8Lawrence VirgilNTTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Austin BrownNTTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Kendall HunterRBTaken off IR, knee
2/8Vinnie SunseriSTaken off IR, knee
2/8Davis TullLBTaken off IR, shoulder
2/8Rafael BushSTaken off IR, torn pectoral muscle
2/8Khiry RobinsonRBTaken off IR, fractured tibia
2/8Luke McCownQBTaken off IR, back
2/8Keenan LewisCBTaken off IR, knee
2/8Mark IngramRBTaken off IR, shoulder
2/8Marcus MurphyRBTaken off IR, ankle
2/8Damian SwannCBTaken off IR, concussion
2/3Vick BallardRBsigned from Colts
2/3Kyle PraterWRsigned
1/8R.J. HarrisWRsigned from Falcons
1/8Phillip HuntDEsigned
1/7Shane WynnWRsigned
1/5Ashaad MabryDTsigned
1/5Reggie BellWRsigned
1/5Bryan WitzmannTsigned
1/5Chris ManhertzTEsigned
1/5Cyril LemonGsigned
1/5Brandon DixonCBsigned
1/5Alden DarbySsigned
1/2Toben OpurumRBActivated from the Practice Squad
1/1Kendall HunterRBPlaced on IR, knee
12/30C.J. SpillerRBPlaced on IR, undisclosed
12/30Toben OpurumRBpractice squad addition
12/30Jeff LucLBpractice squad addition from Dolphins
12/30RaShaun AllenTEActivated from the Practice Squad
12/26Ryan SeymourTActivated from the Practice Squad
12/26Tony CarterCBcut
12/24Bryan WitzmannTpractice squad addition
12/24Seantavius JonesWRActivated from the Practice Squad
12/24Toben OpurumRBcut
12/23Travaris CadetRBacquired from waivers from 49ers
12/23T.J. GrahamWRcut
12/16Marcus MurphyRBPlaced on IR, ankle
12/16Damian SwannCBPlaced on IR, concussion
12/16Tony CarterCBsigned from Colts
12/16Shane WynnWRpractice squad addition from Chargers
12/16Kendall HunterRBsigned from 49ers
12/16Toben OpurumRBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/15Phillip HuntDEcut
12/9Mark IngramRBPlaced on IR, shoulder
12/9Bronson HillRBpractice squad addition from Dolphins
12/9Austin JohnsonRBActivated from the Practice Squad
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