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New York Giants

Stadium: MetLife Stadium | Coach: Ben McAdoo
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense25th88.2 (29th)242.4 (17th)
Defense10th88.6 (3rd)251.1 (23rd)
Last updated: Mon, January 23, 2017, 20:29 EST
1/19Aldrick RosasKsigned from Titans
1/18Khaled HolmesCsigned from Bears
1/12Curtis GrantLBsigned from 49ers
1/12Martin WallaceTsigned from Jets
1/12Rahim MooreSsigned from Browns
1/11Michael BowieTsigned from Browns
1/11Adam GettisTsigned
12/27Christian BryantSpract. squad del
12/27Keith WenningQBpract. squad add from Bengals
12/27Ryan MurphySpract. squad add from Broncos
12/27Jacob HuesmanRBpract. squad add
12/20George WinnRBsigned
12/20Shane VereenRBon IR, triceps
12/20Ishaq WilliamsDEactive/prac. squad
12/20Ryan NassibQBon IR, elbow
12/14Russell HansbroughRBpract. squad add from Buccaneers
12/13Adam GettisTpract. squad add
12/13George WinnRBpract. squad del
12/13Laurence GibsonTpract. squad del
12/10Adam GettisTcut
12/6Jordan WilliamsDEpract. squad add from Dolphins
12/3Deontae SkinnerLBactive/prac. squad
12/3Shane McDermottCcut
11/30Nikita WhitlockRBsuspension lifted
11/30Christian BryantSpract. squad add from Cardinals
11/29Orleans DarkwaRBon IR, lower leg
11/29Eric PinkinsLBactive/prac. squad
11/22Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
11/22Deontae SkinnerLBpract. squad add
11/19Shane McDermottCactive/prac. squad
11/19Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
11/19Deontae SkinnerLBcut
11/17Da'Ron BrownWRpract. squad del
11/17Shane McDermottCpract. squad add from Cowboys
11/9Kevin NorwoodWRpract. squad add from Chargers
11/9Da'Ron BrownWRpract. squad add from Patriots
11/9Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
11/9Adam GettisGactive/prac. squad
11/9Darian ThompsonSon IR, foot
11/8Geremy DavisWRpract. squad del
11/8Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
10/31Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
10/25Tyler OttTEpract. squad del
10/25Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
10/25Josh BrownKcut
10/21Josh BrownKExempt/Commissioner's Permission List
10/20Robbie GouldKsigned from Bears
10/18Tyler OttTEpract. squad add
10/18Doran GrantCBpract. squad del
10/13Donte DeayonCBpract. squad del
10/13Michael HunterCBpract. squad add
10/12Eric PinkinsLBpract. squad add from Seahawks
10/12Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
10/11Deontae SkinnerLBactive/prac. squad
10/11Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
10/11Montori HughesDTcut
10/11Michael HunterCBcut
10/11Coty SensabaughCBsigned from Rams
10/5Deontae SkinnerLBpract. squad add
10/5Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
10/4Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
10/4Deontae SkinnerLBpract. squad del
9/29Jon HalapioGpract. squad add from Patriots
9/27Shane VereenRBon IR, torn triceps
9/27Doran GrantCBpract. squad add from Bills
9/27Michael HunterCBsigned
9/24Michael HunterCBcut
9/24Andrew AdamsSactive/prac. squad
9/21Byron StingilyToff IR, concussion
9/21Mykkele ThompsonSon IR, knee
9/21Michael OlaTpract. squad add from Seahawks
9/21Laurence GibsonTpract. squad add from Bears
9/21Michael HunterCBactive/prac. squad
9/21Byron StingilyTcut
9/21Shane McDermottCpract. squad del
9/19Deontae SkinnerLBpract. squad add
9/19Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
9/17Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
9/17Deontae SkinnerLBpract. squad del
9/15Nikita WhitlockRBsuspended, 10 games (NFL Policy on PEDs)
9/13Randy BullockKcut
9/13Deontae SkinnerLBpract. squad add from Eagles
9/13Logan ThomasQBpract. squad del
9/13Montori HughesDTsigned
9/12Jake RodgersToff IR, ankle
9/12Jake RodgersTcut
9/12Josh BrownKsuspension lifted
9/12J.T. Thomas IIILBon IR, torn ligaments left knee
9/5Josh JohnsonQBsigned from Ravens
9/5Jasper BrinkleyLBcut
9/5Ishaq WilliamsDEpract. squad add
9/5Logan ThomasQBpract. squad add
9/5Darius PoweWRpract. squad add
9/5Shane McDermottCpract. squad add
9/5Stansly MapongaDEpract. squad add
9/5Michael HunterCBpract. squad add
9/5Adam GettisGpract. squad add
9/5Donte DeayonCBpract. squad add
9/5Geremy DavisWRpract. squad add
9/5Andrew AdamsSpract. squad add
9/4Jake RodgersTon IR, ankle
9/4Montori HughesDTcut
9/4Emmett ClearyTon IR, finger
9/4Robert ThomasDTacquired from waiver from Panthers
9/3Dillon FarrellGcut
9/3Stansly MapongaDEcut
9/3Darius PoweWRcut
9/3Geremy DavisWRcut
9/3Logan ThomasQBcut
9/3Jermelle CudjoDTcut
9/3Adam GettisGcut
9/3Brad BarsDEcut
9/3Louis Nix IIIDTcut
9/3Ryan MalleckTEcut
9/3Andre WilliamsRBcut
9/3Andrew AdamsScut
9/3Justin CurrieScut
9/3Donte DeayonCBcut
9/3Michael HunterCBcut
9/3Leon McFaddenCBcut
9/3Ryan SeymourTcut
9/3Ishaq WilliamsDEcut
9/3Anthony DableWRcut
8/31Ryan MalleckTEon IR, undisclosed
8/31Will BeattyTsigned
8/30Greg MilhouseDTcut
8/30Nikita WhitlockRBon IR, foot
8/30Matt LaCosseTEon IR, knee
8/30Bennett JacksonScut
8/30Shane McDermottCcut
8/30Joe PowellScut
8/30Cooper TaylorScut
8/30KJ MayeWRcut
8/30Kadron BooneWRcut
8/30Byron StingilyTon IR, concussion
8/30Davon ColemanDTcut
8/30Marshaun CoprichRBcut
8/30Mike RoseDEcut
8/29Myles WhiteWRcut
8/29Tyler OttTEcut
8/23Randy BullockKsigned/unrest FA from Jets
8/23Tom ObarskiKcut
8/18Joe PowellSsigned
8/18Matt SmalleyCBcut
8/17Josh BrownKsuspended, 1 game (NFL Personal Conduct Policy)
8/4Tramain JacobsCBcut
8/4Leon HallCBsigned/unrest FA from Bengals, One-year contract (through 2016)
7/29Donte FosterWRcut
7/29Jermelle CudjoDTsigned/unrest FA from Lions
7/29Davon ColemanDTsigned from Buccaneers
7/29Melvin LewisDTcut
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