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San Diego Chargers

Stadium: Qualcomm Stadium | Coach: Mike McCoy
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense9th84.9 (31st)286.9 (4th)
Defense20th125.3 (25th)236.6 (14th)
Last updated: Fri, February 12, 2016, 02:08 EST
2/8Brock HekkingLBTaken off IR, foot
2/8Sean LissemoreNTTaken off IR, shoulder
2/8Ladarius GreenTETaken off IR, ankle
2/8Darrell StuckeySTaken off IR, knee
2/8Eric WeddleSTaken off IR, groin
2/8Melvin GordonRBTaken off IR, knee
2/8Brandon FlowersCBTaken off IR, knee
2/8Corey LiugetDTTaken off IR, foot
2/8Chris WattCTaken off IR, shoulder
2/8Tourek WilliamsLBTaken off IR, foot
2/8Branden OliverRBTaken off IR, toe
2/8Keenan AllenWRTaken off IR, kidney
2/8Johnnie TroutmanGTaken off IR, broken arm
2/8Chi Chi AriguzoLBTaken off IR, undisclosed
2/8Tenny PalepoiDTTaken off IR, fractured foot
1/12Dexter McCoilLBsigned
1/6Kasey RedfernPsigned
1/5Brad SorensenQBsigned
1/5Tim SemischTEsigned
1/5Torrence AllenWRsigned
1/5Michael HueyGsigned
1/5Chuka NdulueNTsigned
1/5Isaiah BurseWRsigned
1/5Richard CrawfordCBsigned
1/5Ben GardnerLBsigned
1/1Ben BeckwithGcut
1/1Ben BeckwithGTaken off IR, undisclosed
1/1Torrence AllenWRTaken off IR, foot
1/1Torrence AllenWRcut
12/31Richard CrawfordCBpractice squad addition
12/31Kasey RedfernPpractice squad deletion
12/30Cassius VaughnCBsigned from Ravens
12/30Brandian RossSsigned from Raiders
12/29Vincent BrownWRcut
12/28Asante ClevelandTEacquired from waivers from Patriots
12/28Craig WattsGpractice squad addition
12/28Matt DanielsSActivated from the Practice Squad
12/28Sean McGrathTEActivated from the Practice Squad
12/28Ladarius GreenTEPlaced on IR, ankle
12/28Sean LissemoreNTPlaced on IR, shoulder
12/28Michael HueyGpractice squad addition
12/28Eric WeddleSPlaced on IR, groin
12/28Darrell StuckeySPlaced on IR, knee
12/22Kasey RedfernPpractice squad addition from Jaguars
12/22Dreamius SmithRBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/21Melvin GordonRBPlaced on IR, knee
12/19Craig WattsGpractice squad deletion
12/19Brad SorensenQBpractice squad addition
12/17Brad SorensenQBcut
12/17Jeff LinkenbachGacquired from waivers from Dolphins
12/16Adrian PhillipsSActivated from the Practice Squad
12/16Keith LewisCBpractice squad addition from Jets
12/16Brad SorensenQBsigned
12/16Matt DanielsSpractice squad addition
12/15Jimmy WilsonScut
12/14Brad SorensenQBcut
12/12Brandon FlowersCBPlaced on IR, knee
12/12Corey LiugetDTPlaced on IR, foot
12/12Brad SorensenQBActivated from the Practice Squad
12/11Shane WynnWRpractice squad deletion
12/11Adrian PhillipsSpractice squad addition
12/9Adrian PhillipsScut
12/9Tim SemischTEpractice squad addition from Dolphins
12/9Alex BayerTEpractice squad deletion
12/8Vincent BrownWRsigned from Colts
12/2Shane WynnWRpractice squad addition from Jets
12/1Donte FosterWRpractice squad deletion
11/24Sean McGrathTEpractice squad addition
11/21Sean McGrathTEcut
11/21Tyrell WilliamsWRActivated from the Practice Squad
11/18Donte FosterWRpractice squad addition from Vikings
11/17Matt DanielsSpractice squad deletion
11/12Craig WattsGpractice squad addition
11/10Sean McGrathTEsigned from Colts
11/10Craig WattsGcut
11/9Craig WattsGActivated from the Practice Squad
11/9Chris WattCPlaced on IR, shoulder
11/4Damion SquareDEActivated from the Practice Squad
11/4Isaiah BurseWRpractice squad addition from Steelers
11/4Matt DanielsSpractice squad addition from Jaguars
11/4Ben GardnerLBpractice squad addition from Cowboys
11/4Dreamius SmithRBpractice squad addition
11/3Javontee HerndonWRActivated from the Practice Squad
11/3Greg DucreCBActivated from the Practice Squad
11/3J.D. WaltonCsigned
11/3Jacoby JonesWRcut
11/3Ryan MuellerLBpractice squad deletion
11/3Keenan AllenWRPlaced on IR, kidney
11/3Branden OliverRBPlaced on IR, toe
11/3Tourek WilliamsLBPlaced on IR, foot
10/27J.D. WaltonCcut
10/27Joe MaysLBsigned from Jets
10/26Chris DavisCBcut
10/26Chris DavisCBTaken off IR, concussion
10/24Michael HueyGpractice squad deletion
10/24Brad SorensenQBpractice squad addition
10/21Andrew McDonaldTpractice squad addition from Browns
10/21Brad SorensenQBpractice squad deletion
10/21Michael HueyGpractice squad addition
10/20Chuka NdulueNTpractice squad addition from Broncos
10/20Adrian PhillipsSActivated from the Practice Squad
10/19Michael OlaTcut
10/17Michael OlaTActivated from the Practice Squad
10/14Donatella LuckettWRpractice squad deletion
10/14Adrian PhillipsSpractice squad addition
10/12Adrian PhillipsScut
10/7Donatella LuckettWRpractice squad addition from Chiefs
10/7Michael OlaTpractice squad addition
10/6Michael HueyGpractice squad deletion
10/6Antonio GatesTEsuspension lifted
10/5Donald BrownRBsigned
10/5Michael OlaTcut
10/3Michael OlaTActivated from the Practice Squad
10/3Donald BrownRBcut
10/2Brad SorensenQBpractice squad addition
10/2Carrington ByndomCBpractice squad deletion
10/1Carrington ByndomCBpractice squad addition from Panthers
10/1Brad SorensenQBpractice squad deletion
9/30Michael HueyGpractice squad addition
9/30J.D. WaltonCsigned from Dolphins
9/30Tyreek BurwellTActivated from the Practice Squad
9/29Johnnie TroutmanGPlaced on IR, broken arm
9/29Kyle MillerTEcut
9/28Gordon HillScut
9/28Gordon HillSTaken off IR, knee
9/25Michael HueyGpractice squad deletion
9/25Craig WattsGpractice squad addition
9/24Mitch UnreinDTcut
9/24Kyle MillerTEsigned
9/22Tyrell WilliamsWRpractice squad addition
9/21Craig WattsGcut
9/19Adrian PhillipsSActivated from the Practice Squad
9/19Tyrell WilliamsWRcut
9/15Kenny WigginsGsigned
9/15Kyle MillerTEcut
9/12Dreamius SmithRBpractice squad deletion
9/12Tyreek BurwellTpractice squad addition
9/10Colton UnderwoodLBcut
9/10Colton UnderwoodLBTaken off IR, undisclosed
9/10Tyreek BurwellTcut
9/10John PhillipsTEsigned
9/9Melvin MeggsGcut
9/9Melvin MeggsGTaken off IR, foot
9/7Alex BayerTEpractice squad addition from Rams
9/7Michael OlaTpractice squad addition from Bears
9/7Brad SorensenQBpractice squad addition
9/6Chi Chi AriguzoLBPlaced on IR, undisclosed
9/6Damion SquareDEpractice squad addition
9/6Dreamius SmithRBpractice squad addition
9/6Adrian PhillipsSpractice squad addition
9/6Colton UnderwoodLBPlaced on IR, undisclosed
9/6Michael HueyGpractice squad addition
9/6Javontee HerndonWRpractice squad addition
9/6Greg DucreCBpractice squad addition
9/6Ryan MuellerLBpractice squad addition
9/5Adrian PhillipsScut
9/5John PhillipsTEcut
9/5Austin PettisWRcut
9/5Nick NovakKcut
9/5Kenny WigginsGcut
9/5Damion SquareDEcut
9/5Brad SorensenQBcut
9/5Dreamius SmithRBcut
9/5Lowell RoseCBcut
9/5Brian ParkerTEcut
9/5Ryan MuellerLBcut
9/5Jordan MabinCBcut
9/5Johnny LowdermilkScut
9/5Michael HueyGcut
9/5Javontee HerndonWRcut
9/5Greg DucreCBcut
9/5Richard CrawfordCBcut
9/2Torrence AllenWRPlaced on IR, foot
9/2Chris DavisCBPlaced on IR, concussion
9/2Gordon HillSPlaced on IR, knee
9/2Melvin MeggsGPlaced on IR, foot
9/1Brock HekkingLBPlaced on IR, foot
8/30Dave PaulsonTEcut
8/30Forrestal HickmanTcut
8/30Curtis GrantLBcut
8/30Chase RettigQBcut
8/30Titus DavisWRcut
8/30Jahwan EdwardsRBcut
8/30Luther RobinsonDTcut
8/30Manuel AsprillaCBcut
8/30Cameron BotticelliDEcut
8/30Logan StokesTEcut
8/19Eric FrohnapfelTEcut
8/19Logan StokesTEacquired from waivers from Patriots
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