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San Francisco 49ers

Stadium: Levi's Stadium | Coach: TBD
Team RankingOverallRushingPassing
Offense31st126.2 (4th)181.9 (32nd)
Defense32nd165.9 (32nd)240.5 (14th)
Last updated: Mon, January 23, 2017, 20:29 EST
1/19Rashad RossWRsigned from Lions
1/18Nick RoseKsigned from Falcons
1/3Norman PriceTsigned
12/31Raheem MostertRBactive/prac. squad
12/31Marcus MartinCon IR, ankle
12/27Zach MooreDEacquired from waiver from Cowboys
12/27Carlos HydeRBon IR, sprained left MCL
12/23Wynton McManisLBactive/prac. squad
12/23Torrey SmithWRon IR, concussion
12/21Josh AllenCcut
12/21Andrew GardnerGsigned from Eagles
12/20Quinton PattonWRon IR, foot
12/20Jimmie WardSon IR, shoulder
12/20Prince Charles IworahCBactive/prac. squad
12/20Duke ThomasCBpract. squad add from Eagles
12/20DiAndre CampbellWRpract. squad add
12/20DeAndre SmelterWRactive/prac. squad
12/19Blake BellTEon IR, shoulder
12/19Ray-Ray ArmstrongLBre-signed, Two-year extension (through 2018)
12/19Brandon ChubbLBpract. squad add from Lions
12/19Jim DrayTEsigned from Bills
12/19Carl BradfordLBacquired from waiver from Packers
12/19Nick BelloreLBon IR, elbow
12/13Alex BalducciGactive/prac. squad
12/13Mitchell Van DykTpract. squad add from Colts
12/13Daniel KilgoreCon IR, knee
12/12Vance McDonaldTEon IR, shoulder
12/12Josh AllenCacquired from waiver from Buccaneers
12/9Vance McDonaldTEre-signed, Five-year extenstion (through 2021)
11/29Shayne SkovLBon IR, knee
11/29Wynton McManisLBpract. squad add
11/29Marcus BallSactive/prac. squad
11/28Raheem MostertRBpract. squad add from Bears
11/28Kelvin TaylorRBpract. squad del
11/23Marcus BallSpract. squad add from Jaguars
11/23Eric ReidSon IR, biceps
11/23Vinnie SunseriSactive/prac. squad
11/15Fahn CooperTpract. squad del
11/15Colin KellyTpract. squad add from Bears
11/8Chris HarperWRactive/prac. squad
11/8Keshawn MartinWRcut
11/8Mose FrazierWRpract. squad add from Bills
11/8Arik ArmsteadDTon IR, left shoulder
11/8Chris JonesDTacquired from waiver from Dolphins
11/1Vinnie SunseriSpract. squad add from Patriots
10/27Ian WilliamsNTcut
10/22Taylor HartDTcut
10/22DuJuan HarrisRBactive/prac. squad
10/18DeAndre SmelterWRpract. squad add
10/18DeAndre SmelterWRoff IR, knee
10/18Dres AndersonWRpract. squad del
10/10JaCorey ShepherdCBsigned from Eagles, Two-year contract (through 2017)
10/10Chris DavisCBon IR, knee
10/6NaVorro BowmanLBon IR, Achilles
10/3Aaron LynchLBsuspension lifted
10/1Je'Ron HammTEactive/prac. squad
10/1DuJuan HarrisRBcut
9/27Anthony DavisTretired
9/27Keshawn MartinWRsigned from Patriots, Two-year contract (through 2017)
9/21Shayne SkovLBactive/prac. squad
9/21Ray-Ray ArmstrongLBon IR, chest
9/21Curtis GrantLBpract. squad add from Raiders
9/15Chris HarperWRpract. squad add
9/13DuJuan HarrisRBsigned
9/13Chris HarperWRcut
9/12DuJuan HarrisRBcut
9/12Chris HarperWRactive/prac. squad
9/6Tank CarradineLBre-signed, One-year extension (through 2017)
9/5Chris HarperWRpract. squad add from Patriots
9/5Bruce MillerRBcut
9/5Will RedmondCBon IR, knee
9/5DuJuan HarrisRBsigned, One-year contract (through 2016)
9/5L.J. McCrayScut
9/5Taylor HartDTacquired from waiver from Eagles
9/4DeAndre SmelterWRon IR, knee
9/4Dres AndersonWRpract. squad add
9/4Alex BalducciGpract. squad add
9/4Fahn CooperTpract. squad add
9/4Je'Ron HammTEpract. squad add
9/4Prince Charles IworahCBpract. squad add
9/4Norman PriceTpract. squad add
9/4Marcus RushLBpract. squad add
9/4Shayne SkovLBpract. squad add
9/4Kelvin TaylorRBpract. squad add
9/3Rod StreaterWRtraded from Chiefs, for undisclosed draft pick
9/3B.J. McBrydeDEcut
9/3Ryan WhalenWRcut
9/3Bryce TreggsWRcut
9/3Kelvin TaylorRBcut
9/3Garrison SmithDTcut
9/3Shayne SkovLBcut
9/3Marcus RushLBcut
9/3Norman PriceTcut
9/3Dres AndersonWRcut
9/3Alex BalducciGcut
9/3Devon CajusteWRcut
9/3Demetrius CherryDEcut
9/3Fahn CooperTcut
9/3Jeff DriskelQBcut
9/3Je'Ron HammTEcut
9/3DuJuan HarrisRBcut
9/3Prince Charles IworahCBcut
9/3Colin KellyTcut
9/3Corey LemonierLBcut
9/3DeAndrew WhiteWRcut
8/30Bruce EllingtonWRon IR, hamstring
8/30Jered BellSoff IR, undisclosed
8/30Jered BellScut
8/30Jason FanaikaLBcut
8/29Jeremy KerleyWRtraded from Lions, for G Brandon Thomas
8/28Busta AndersonTEcut
8/28Erik PearsGcut
8/27Jerome SimpsonWRcut
8/27Ian SilbermanGcut
8/27Eric RogersWRon IR, torn ACL
8/27Wynton McManisLBcut
8/27Blake MuirGcut
8/27Cleveland Wallace IIICBcut
8/27John LunsfordKcut
8/27DiAndre CampbellWRcut
8/27Kendall GaskinsRBcut
8/27Darren LakeDTcut
8/24Jered BellSon IR, undisclosed
8/23Ryan WhalenWRsigned from Vikings, One-year contract (through 2016)
8/16Christian PonderQBsigned from Broncos, One-year contract (through 2016)
8/16Thaddeus LewisQBon IR, torn left ACL
8/4Lenny JonesLBcut
8/4Cleveland Wallace IIICBacquired from waiver from Texans
8/3NaVorro BowmanLBre-signed, Four-year extension (through 2022)
7/30Joshua GarnettGsigned/draft choice, Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
7/30Anthony DavisTreinstated
7/30Ian WilliamsNTreserve/non football injury, leg
7/29B.J. McBrydeDEsigned from Packers, Two-year contract (through 2017)
7/28Kaleb RamseyDTretired
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