Bruins give free tickets to restaurant staff after flight cancellation

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The Boston Bruins had a rough night on Sunday, losing Game 6 to the Maple Leafs in Toronto and then finding out they were going to be stuck north of the border because their plane was grounded.

It was a better night for some Toronto restaurant staffers who ended up with tickets to Game 7 from the Bruins.

The flight delay messed up a lot more than just getting back to Boston for Monday's Game 7. Teams have their travel schedules meticulously planned down to the smallest details so not fulfilling something on the itinerary such as flying home messes with everything else. Such as dinner.

Even if the Bruins were in a bad mood after losing to the Leafs, they had to eat. Exerting youself as much as a hockey player does on a nightly basis requires a lot of rejuvenation afterward. But where do you find a restaurant as it nears midnight in Toronto, preferably with a little privacy? Somebody from the Bruins picked up the phone and called in a request to the Canyon Creek Chophouse in Mississauga, outside Toronto. From the Globe and Mail:

"I had literally closed the till for my bartender and we were closing in five minutes and I get this phone call," [Lauren] Grenier, the restaurant’s service manager, said. "And they're like, hey, there's about 50 of us coming down to your restaurant, it's the Boston Bruins. And I'm like, sure it is. I didn't believe them because we're always playing pranks on each other here at work late at night."

Cagily, Grenier said if they arrived within the next 10 minutes or so the restaurant would try to accommodate them.

"I was just going with it," she said, still not believing she was speaking with the Bruins.

Ten minutes later a big bus pulled into the parking lot and the Bruins started filing through the doors.

The small staff that was still left at that time of the night hustled to serve the hungry group of players, calling in for some reinforcements to help.

The real reward came in the tip, and not necessarily the monetary kind. Grenier mentioned to a Bruins executive how fun it would be to go to Game 7 so as a token of their appreciation to the short staff, the Bruins granted that wish and gave them four tickets for Monday night.

Nothing about the situation was ideal for the Bruins getting stuck in Toronto for an unexpected night, but it sure made for a great story for the restaurant staff, most of whom are Maple Leafs fans.

I'm assuming there were no shenanigans with the service either, nothing from the movie Waiting or anything. Otherwise they probably wouldn't have been offered tickets.

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