Bruins' Milan Lucic furious about low hit, calls Montreal's Emelin 'Chicken'

To describe Monday night’s tilt between longtime rivals Boston and Montreal as chippy would be an egregious understatement. 

The Canadiens eventually won 2-1 in a shootout, halting Boston's 12-game winning streak, but that was only part of the story.   

Bruins forward Milan Lucic ripped Canadien defenseman Alexei Emelin after he was taken out by a potentially dirty first period hip check. The hit took out Lucic’s left knee, flipped him over and sent him gliding towards the boards. It immediately drew a response from Boston’s Zdeno Chara, who blind-sided Emelin. 

After the game, Lucic had some pointed words for Emelin.

“Whether it’s fair, legal or whatever you want to call it, if he wasn’t scared, he would stand up and hit me and not go after my knees,” Lucic said via ESPNBoston. “It just shows how big of a chicken he is that he needs to go down like that to take me down. It shows what kind of player he is, and on my end, you know you’ve got to keep your guard up at all times.”

Although Lucic denies it, as retaliation, he appeared to catch Emelin with a spear later in the game. 

(H/T NBCSports)

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