Flyers' latest t-shirt hand out has Philly marking New Jersey as its territory

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Flyers made news a few times in the first round with their creative fan t-shirts to make sure the Wells Fargo Center turns into a sea of orange.

First they had shirts commemorating Scott Hartnell's Hulk Hogan move against the Malkinmania fan in Pittsburgh. Then they made a shirt responding to Sidney Crosby's comments that he doesn't like anybody on the Flyers, letting the Kid know the feeling is mutual.

Now that the cross-state rival Penguins are vanquished, does that mean the ammo for the shirts is gone? The Devils might be a division rival that is closer to Philly than any other team, but it isn't exactly the same type of venom as the Penguins.

The answer is no. There are always ways to take a shot at the opponent.

(Sam Carchidi, @BroadStBull)

So if New jersey were on fire I guess Philadelphia would, well, you know what to put the fire out.

The shirt would be even better if the Flyers were represented by a dog of some sort, but still, any way to incorporate urinating is perfectly insulting enough.

I also like the fact that even though the series is over, the shirt still takes the time to take a shot at Pittsburgh, putting a conquering flag in the Western part of Pennsylvania before stretching the sites on New Jersey.

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