Flyersmania taking over: Hulk Hogan appears in pump-up video

The Penguins and Flyers series has begun resembling wrestling more than ice hockey at time, so it's only fitting that Hulk Hogan is getting in on the series. The real Hulk Hogan.

The former WWF champion made a surprise appearance on the video screens in Game 3 in case the Philadelphia faithful needed any more pumping up. And this time his classic tear-away shirt wasn't his classic tear-away shirt. Instead it was the awesome orange design the Flyers gave away.

Oh yeah, brother! Side note, that long pause at the end doesn't translate well at all when you watch this video on your computer.

Of course this all comes in response to that incident in the final week of the season where all Hell broke loose near the end of a Penguins-Flyers game in Pittsburgh (shocking, right?). Among other things included in that mess was Scott Hartnell's taunting of the Malkinmania Penguins fan behind the opposing bench. Click here if you want to see that gem.

This seems so appropriate. All that was missing from Sunday's game was a leg drop.

H/t to Flyer Files

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