George Parros doing better, 'almost symptom-free' in recovery

Parros was injured in a fight on opening night. (USATSI)
Parros was injured in a fight on opening night. (USATSI)

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Following his nasty fall to the ice that once again reinvigorated hockey's debate on fighting, Canadiens forward/enforcer George Parros is doing better.

After he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher, Parros was diagnosed only with a concussion. On Wednesday GM Marc Bergevin told Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette and Hockey Inside/Out that Parros' recovery from the concussion is going well, so well to the point he says Parros is "almost symptom-free." Just don't expect Parros back on the ice quite yet.

"He is feeling good, doing a lot better," Bergevin said, while cautioning that Parros shouldn’t be expected back on the ice imminently.

"A concussion is a hard thing to gauge," Bergevin said. "You could have a guy out a week or 10 days -- [Brendan] Gallagher last year was quick but [Rene] Bourque and Raffi [Raphael Diaz] went longer. You never know with concussions. Overall we're pretty happy with where George is at today, looking at everything that happened.

"Every day is just a checklist. It's to check the symptoms, a whole bunch of them -- headaches, [sensitivity to] lights… He's almost symptom-free as we speak. Every day is an evaluation because the next day could be worse but so far, it's been going up every day.

All in all, things sound positive. I guess we can thank his care-taker for the progress.

The Habs wanted to beef up this season, hence Parros' arrival, but they can and should take their time in bringing him back to the ice, which is sounds to be exactly what they are doing. There's no sense in rushing him back, especially considering he's not a top-line winger or anything.

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