Jack Edwards links Gregory Campbell to D-Day soldiers' legacies

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Boston Bruins broadcaster Jack Edwards is at it again. "It" being just a bit over the top.

Gregory Campbell was making waves across the sports world earlier this week when he blocked an Evgeni Malkin shot, resulting in a broken leg. He remained on the ice for the rest of the shift with the Bruins on the penalty kill before he was finally able to get off after almost a minute. It was playoff toughness personified, that much is true.

But was it heroic? Edwards seemed to think it was in an essay for WEEI radio. In the nearly four-minute monologue Edwards draws parallels to D-Day veterans -- since the game officially spilled into D-Day's 69th anniversary -- and police officer Dick Donahue, who was shot trying to apprehend the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

What Campbell did was admirable, yes, and pretty awesome to watch. But let us not forget that it was just in a game, a game that Campbell gets paid handsomely to play. It's not entirely apples to apples with soldiers storming the beaches at Normandy.

Edwards doesn't draw a perfect parralel to soldiers and police offers to Campbell but it's pretty close, saying that their legacies were seen in Campbell's actions.

On Twitter, Edwards' "essay" was acknowledged to be a bit of a parody:

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