John Tortorella no fan of shootout: 'Should be out of the league'

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Add John Tortorella's name to the ever-growing list of People Opposed to Shootouts (we just won't use that as an acronym).

No matter how many years the shootout exists in the NHL, it will never become popular, especially among coaches and general managers. That's especially true when a team is 2-6 in shootous like the Vancouver Canucks are this season.

That might help explain why Tortorella was just a bit like the Torts of old on Thursday when talking about his team's struggles in the skills competition. His easiest solution? Just get rid of the shootout.

For the video impaired, here's what he had to say when asked about practicing shootouts:

"You just can't simulate game situation like that. We did it, whether it helps or not, some guys can introduce or experiment with certain things. It is what it is. It's impossible to simulate game situation in a shot. It should be out of the league. That gimmick should be out of the league."

Turning a team game into a one-on-one situation just doesn't sit well as an equitable system, particularly when a shootout win is worth as many points as a regulation win. The two shouldn't be equal and I say that as somebody who has always been against the grain on this subject and enjoys the shootout. Not all wins in the NHL are created alike but they get treated that way in the standings.

Slowly but surely the tide is building against the shootout, which was introduced back in 2005-06 after the lockout. Red Wings GM Ken Holland has been a very vocal supporter of extending overtime and playing 3-on-3 for some time in an effort to reduce the number of shootouts because the number of games ending in shootouts is only going up.

Torts is hardly the only person who would like to see the shootout leave the game. We know that he has plenty of support on that topic within his own crease.


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