Montreal-NYC bagel battle to be decided in Habs-Rangers mayor bet

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It's a debate that has raged on for centuries, an argument that has been so fierce that it has spawned as much animosity as a playoff series. Who has the better bagels: New York City or Montreal?

Of course the cities are each known for a lot of different thing but being the kings of bagels is one of them. Bagel conniseurs have been arguing which city is the rightful champ and can put the title as the world's best on lox down.

The answer could actually be determined on the ice. Or at least a public victory can be achieved in the Great Bagel War. That's because the mayors of Montreal and New York (Denis Coderre and Bill de Blasio, respectively) have set a friendly wager on the series between the Rangers and Canadiens.

Part of the stipulation? The losing mayor has to declare the other city's bagels to be superior. Talk about high stakes.

Also included in the bet is that the losing mayor will visit the other while sporting a jersey of the winning team and the winning team's flag will have to fly at the losing team's city hall. But let's be real here, that's all nothing compared to the bagel boast.

With Montreal already in a 2-0 series hole heading back to New York and without Carey Price in between the pipes, Corderre might want to find some cream cheese, it will make the bagel crow he's closer to eating taste better.

S/t CBS New York

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