NHL lockout video: 'Hockey, Please Come Back;' the country song plea

We have seen countless music videos during this lockout, videos begging for the NHL to come back and grace us with its presence. And while many of them were awesome, they were almost all done by fans in their house with home cameras and lacking studio productions.

That's what makes Brett Kissel's song all the more interesting. Kissel, a country singer, put together an ode to the sport aptly titled Hockey, Please Come Back.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a fan of country music, which is exactly the genre this song fits under, but this is fantastic. I could listen to it over and over if it didn't make me cry deep down inside.

The song sounds like any country tune you would hear on the radio -- the actual song itself and the production is that solid -- and it has some good and funny lyrics as well as a solid accompanying video. The sad-fan songs don't get much better than this.

Maybe that's because of the passion here. You hear all the time about the love affair people have with hockey. In this case, it seems to go one step further. This song sounds just like a classic heartbreak song about a lost love, one in the true country/blues spirit. Perhaps it sounds that way because really, it is. We all miss hockey.

I'll go out on a limb and say Kissel is an Oilers fan. Even they miss hockey.

H/t to Ryan Rishaug

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