NHL odds: Over/under point totals have Pens first, Flames last

Pittsburgh has an over/under set at 108.5 points. (Getty Images)
Pittsburgh has an over/under set at 108.5 points. (USATSI)

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Recently Bovada released the odds on who would make the playoffs this season. Now the betting site has odds of a different sort: individual team over/unders on points.

As you can assume, this comes close to mirroring those playoff odds. The teams with the top odds also have the highest over/under marks but it's a little more interesting to see the point total projections to get an idea of where the oddsmakers really see the teams stand.

So here you go, the over/under odds on points broken down by division from highest to lowest.

Metropolitan Division

Pittsburgh Penguins -- 108.5
New York Rangers -- 98.5
Washington Capitals -- 93.5
Philadelphia Flyers -- 92.5
New York Islanders -- 89.5
Columbus Blue Jackets -- 85.5
Carolina Hurricanes -- 84.5
New Jersey Devils -- 79.5

Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins -- 102.5
Detroit Red Wings -- 97.5
Toronto Maple Leafs -- 96.5
Montreal Canadiens -- 94.5
Ottawa Senators -- 93.5
Tampa Bay Lightning -- 88.5
Buffalo Sabres -- 83.5
Florida Panthers -- 75.5

Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks -- 105.5
St. Louis Blues -- 99.5
Minnesota Wild -- 94.5
Colorado Avalanche -- 86.5
Dallas Stars -- 86.5
Nashville Predators -- 84.5
Winnipeg Jets -- 82.5

Pacific Division

Los Angeles Kings -- 98.5
Vancouver Canucks -- 95.5
San Jose Sharks -- 94.5
Anaheim Ducks -- 90.5
Edmonton Oilers -- 89.5
Arizona Coyotes -- 85.5
Calgary Flames -- 74.5

There are also simple Yes or No odds on whether each team will get into the playoffs but I won't list those here. You can find those online if you're curious.

So what do you think, even in that new division you feel like the Penguins will win the Presidents' Trophy? I think I would like the Blackhawks to win that again. Their new division is nowhere near as tough, or shouldn't be.

Meanwhile Calgary starts with the lowest over/under on the season. Welcome to town, Brian Burke!

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