Phoenix Coyotes encourage fans to gamble with new ticket package

The Coyotes' new ticket package puts more pressure on Mike Smith to keep pucks out of his net. (USPressWire)

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It’s no secret that the Phoenix Coyotes have a hard time drawing a crowd to home games. Also, as more of a defensive-minded outfit, the team doesn’t exactly play the most exciting brand of hockey. However, the Coyotes' marketing staff is looking to use the team’s style to its advantage with a new and incredibly unique ticket program.

The Coyotes unveiled the “GOALden ticket” package on Thursday. It actually encourages the team to play its often-stifling system while also appealing to the gambler in their fans. Here’s how it works from

By purchasing the first ticket package for $100, a fan will receive five (5) goals on their GOALden Ticket. Beginning on March 9 versus the Dallas Stars, fans will be able to see up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up five (5) goals at Arena. Once that happens, the GOALden Ticket is void.

The second ticket package provides the fan with 25 goals on their GOALden Ticket for the price of $250. Beginning on March 9 versus the Dallas Stars, fans will have an opportunity to attend up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up 25 goals at Arena. Once this occurs, the GOALden Ticket is void.

As a bonus, if the Coyotes should record a shutout during any of the final 10 regular season home games from March 9 to April 26, during which their GOALden ticket is still valid, purchasers of the GOALden Ticket package will receive a free additional ticket to the Coyotes Fan Appreciation Night on April 26 versus the Colorado Avalanche.

Designing a ticket package that gives fans a reason to actively root for defensive hockey? If only the NHL had something like this in the Dead Puck Era. This is an incredibly clever move for a team that is faced with one of the toughest sells in the NHL.

Now, this could all go horribly wrong for the fan. One bad night from Mike Smith is all it would take to make that a $100 single-game ticket that normally goes for $75. The Coyotes have had two home games in which they’ve given up six goals, but they also have two home shutouts.

The Coyotes are allowing 2.71 goals per game overall and possess a 2.50 mark at home, so it’s a moderately good bet for the fans that want to give this a shot.

This deal must at the very least pique some interest in the locals. Folks might buy it just to try their luck. If they like what they see, maybe they’ll come back.

Regardless, it’s one of the most intriguing marketing ideas that you’ll see. The way that things have been going for the Coyotes, what is there to lose?

(h/t In the ‘Zona)

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