PHOTO: Blackhawks immortalized in 1980s-style van mural

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The Chicago Blackhawks have taken over their city. Two Stanley Cup runs in the last four years has led to record TV ratings, sellout crowds and a loftier position in the crowded Chicago sports pantheon. All of that is nice, but can any of it possibly compare to this tribute from a local fan?

A tipster passed along this photo of a grey conversion van that is apparently patrolling the streets of Chicago, commemorating the Blackhawks’ 2013 Stanley Cup title. The only thing missing is a giant wizard with lightning bolts shooting out of his eyes.

I would not be surprised if this is Andrew Shaw's actual vehicle.
I would not be surprised if this is Andrew Shaw's actual vehicle.

Just look at this. I can’t take my eyes away. I want to so bad, but I can’t.

Corey Crawford is all by himself in the back, while Patrick Kane gets top billing on the near side of the van and even got some text to remind passersby who the playoffs MVP was. Then it looks like, from left and this is merely a guess, Brent Seabrook (or it also looks like it could inexplicably be Daniel Carcillo, which would be great), Bryan Bickell, Duncan Keith, Andrew Shaw, Patrick Sharp and Jonathan Toews.

The artwork itself is actually pretty solid overall on each player. Certainly high quality for the fact that it’s on the side of a 1990s-era conversion van. It's without a doubt better than the Jonathan Toews "pig nose" mural from the 2010 Stanley Cup run.

No Chicago fan could truly tribute his or her team without taking a swipe at now former divisional rival Detroit Red Wings and this van delivers in that regard. “Never forget Detroit Sucks,” reads the text on the lower part of the right back door, ironically, or perhaps purposefully, placed about two inches from the van’s Ford logo.

I don't know how the mural will affect resale value for this beautiful machine, but if nothing else, this van would be perfect for parking behind the old ball fields, cracking open a couple of Old Styles and just blasting some REO Speedwagon.

(h/t Jason R.)

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