PHOTO: Columbus Zoo puts Blue Jackets banner in penguins exhibit

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The Columbus Blue Jackets are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so naturally it is each city’s duty to hate anything associated with the other. That apparently includes harmless and adorable penguins who have the misfortune of living at the Columbus Zoo. They are decidedly in enemy territory.

Now, it’s hard to tell if this was to distract zoo goers from looking at the penguins or if this is to show that these penguins are not afraid to root against their own kind if they’re from that no-good Pittsburgh, Pa.

You may notice in this picture above, the banner placement is obscuring the full content of the sticker on the window (just under the left corner of the flag there). If you look closely, only the words “kill them” are visible. Someone save these penguins.

Either way, the Columbus Zoo penguins seem to be cool about the whole thing, just walking around, swimming like always. Pretty chill penguins, if you ask me.

The NHL Penguins will hope to extend their 1-0 series lead over the Blue Jackets in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

(h/t The Big Lead)

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