PHOTO: Evgeni Malkin is spending summer swimming with whale sharks

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Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin is more than a hockey star, he's also a bit of a social media star. There are few better follows than Malkin on Instagram, where he details the exciting life of a hockey player off the ice.

And we sure do mean exciting.

Malkin appears to be vacationing in paradise (if you have the money, why not?) and not just kicking back, drinking by the pool. No, he's also snorkeling. With sharks ... whale sharks.

Don't worry (too much) Penguins fans, whale sharks are not threatening to humans despite their massive size. That doesn't mean I'd get in the water with one of them but hey, hockey players aren't afraid of no sharks (no pun intended, promise).

S/t For the Win

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