PHOTO: Henrik Lundqvist's new mask keeps with familiar theme

Lundqvist's mask for the upcoming season adds a new wrinkle. (DaveArt)
Lundqvist's mask for the upcoming season adds a new wrinkle. (DaveArt)

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Henrik Lundqvist has a style and he's sticking to it. No, I don't mean his choice in clothing -- though the statement he has style certainly applies there too -- but instead in his choice of helmets.

Every season Lundqvist's mask with the Rangers doesn't deviate much but every time it still looks excellent. His mask makes it impossible to ever think he plays for a team other than the Rangers as he often invokes imagery of the Statue of Liberty while being decked out in red, white and blue.

His mask for this year holds true but adds a little sharpness to the overall design. Sharpness as in the appearance of razors on the front. Dave Gunnarsson, one of the best in the business and longtime artist for Lundqvist, explains on Facebook.

Me and Henrik always brainstorm a lot for every new artwork, it's a very exciting and creative process. I love to always come up with new ideas. This design crystallized and came to us during summer and I started to paint.

It's a classic 2 in 1 design. Old school and crisp looking on a distance, and when you come closer a new dimension opens up and the design transforms in front of your eyes.

I like the small touch on the chin with Lundqvist's personal crown logo with the No. 30 in the middle.

It's a safe choice as it's the familiar route, but I'll be damned if it's not a good-looking mask as usual with Lundqvist. The colors just show up really well on TV.

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