PHOTO: John Gibson turns to Pac-Man for awesome new mask

John Gibson's new mask is a classic. (
John Gibson's new mask is a classic. (

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In his very brief career thus far, Anaheim Ducks and American goaltender John Gibson has proven he can eat up pucks like Pac-Man eats pac-dots. So it's fitting that his new mask features the iconic video game character.

Not to mention it's just simply outstanding.

The mask, created by mask artist guru Dave Gunnarsson, features the Ducks' colors of orange and black in the background while being peppered the ghosts, cherries, mazes and even jail of the arcade class. The only thing missing is Pac-Man himself, replaced by the legendary Mighty Ducks logo instead.

Gunnarsson explained a bit more on Facebook.

Today we have the pleasure to present the new mask for Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson. And this mask is something totally unique… it is transformed into the classic video game Pac-Man… and instead of the yellow eating dot, here it is a Ducks mask eating the smaller dots, so let us introduce the Pac-Duck mask! A nice tribute to the classic video game.

Hey Pac-Duck, watch out for the ghosts!

Truly, it's an excellent mask and is going to be one of the very best we see all of next season, I mean you can't go wrong with an arcade game tribute.

But we're putting it out there right now that the first opposing team's game entertainment crew to play this after Gibson gives up a goal wins all of the Pac-Man points in the world.

Gibson is a bit young, you'd think, to really recall Pac-Man but clearly he is mature well beyond his years. Not only is he a fan of the classics but he performed like a veteran in his little work late last season for the Ducks and into the playoffs. In four playoff games the 20-year-old had a .919 save percentage and a 2-2 record.

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