PHOTO: Mike Smith finally cuts his hair, now it's simply amazing

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Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith had one of the most amazing manes going in the NHL. Through last season he refused to cut his hair, and it carried over through the lockout and into this summer. He started to look like an '80s hair rocker or a '60s hippie.

His hair was so impressive (see it here), it had its own Twitter account, @MikeSmithsHair.

It became pretty clear it wasn't playing with Dave Tippett, Sean Burke and the Coyotes that was the key to his great season last year. It was the hair. It had to be the hair.

But this year didn't get off to a great start for him, so he had to change something up. Smith has finally cut his hair, and the new 'do is even more amazing.

Mike Smith, amazing. (imgur via Reddit)

It's a mullett, it's a mohawk ... it's a mullethawk! It looks like Smith has been spending too much time watching Joe Dirt or something.

I almost wonder if Smith didn't grow out his hair with the idea of doing this all along. Probably not, though, going with a cut like that isn't something you do after long deliberation but more on a whim. I want to say it's awful, but it's not, not at all.

The final question here: Is his cut better than Evander Kane's?

S/t to Reddit

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