PHOTO: Shea Weber shoots puck through boards at practice

Shea Weber has a very hard shot. It’s something that’s well known. He once shot a puck through the net at the Olympics, you know. Now the legend of Weber’s superhuman shot will grow even more after you see the photographs his Nashville Predators teammate Seth Jones posted to Twitter Thursday.

According to Jones, during a skate, Weber wound up for a slap shot and put the puck through the boards.

Keep in mind that the boards are made of high-density plastic and are built to take heavy impact from pucks. They also tend to have a little give in them to cushion the blow. Apparently not enough when Weber is shooting. Mercy.

That thing had to be moving and perhaps you can understand better why everyone thinks hockey goalies have a screw loose to do what they do. Even in heavy pads, if anyone got in front of that shot, they would have felt it and it would not have felt good.

Since 2006-07, no defenseman in the NHL has had as many goals as Weber’s 129. Now you know why.

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