PHOTO: The best (and worst) of Movember in the NHL

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Now that the calendar shows it's December, it means more than the fact that Christmas music is all over the radio dial. It also means the gloriously hideous mustaches that permeate the NHL in the month of November are mostly gone, too.

November has been "renamed" Movember where men grow mustaches for men's health awareness and in many cases, try to raise money with the power of the 'stache. It's become very popular in the NHL with competitions ensuing about which group can grow the best mustaches, or at least the ones that garner the most donations. Because as you can see, they aren't all great.

Here's a sampling of what Movember brought us in the NHL this year.

The 'staches across the NHL. (USATSI/Getty Images)
The 'staches across the NHL. (USATSI/Getty Images)

As you can see, there are some pretty good mustaches among the bunch. Scott Hartnell had an excellent handlebar mustache that was perhaps topped by Dougie Hamilton and Radko Gudas. Matthieu Perreault was named the winner of the Ducks and Shane Doan's was so good he tried to eat it. Alex Ovechkin turned in a solid enough effort to beat Sidney Crosby in something and of course mustache afficionado George Parros didn't disappoint.

But they aren't all great. Let's take a closer look at Logan Couture, shall we?

The fallout of a free-agency bust: Theo Epstein and Carl Crawford are both gone from Boston. (Getty Images)
Logan Couture's mustache is a little thin. (Getty Images)

Welp, that's not a great look. I guess kudos to Couture for sticking it out, if that were my mustache I probably would have chickened out and brought out the razor a couple of days in.

Some guys will keep the facial hair around but others will keep the razors around until April, or at least every player hopes to put it away for a couple of months at that point.

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