PHOTOS: Canadiens mascot owns up to Fallon bet, takes saddest pics

Youppi! is the saddest fan in Montreal. (@CanadiensMTL)
Youppi! is the saddest fan in Montreal. (@CanadiensMTL)

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By now you're probably aware of the bet made between the Montreal Canadiens and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon over the Eastern Conference finals. Fallon's Rangers defeated the Canadiens, which meant it was shaming time for Youppi!, the former Expos mascot-turned Canadiens mascot.

A bet's a bet so on Sunday Youppi! put on his custom Rangers jersey (he didn't ditch the Habs hat, though) and, as promised, took a stroll around Montreal posing for pictures.

These may be the saddes photos you'll see today.

All that's missing is an empty bottle by his side there, sheesh. But it only got sadder, much sadder.

I never knew it before but nothing says despair quite like riding a carousel by yourself while sulking. Please, somebody give that mascot a hug before the photos get any more heartbreaking.

Too late.

Oh, that one has to sting. Why would you do this to Youppi!, Jimmy?! Making him go visit the old Olympic Stadium, home of the Expos? That's just unbearably sad. That poor, poor mascot.

Let's just hope that to make Youppi!'s suffering palpable, Fallon and his staff at least turn this into a funny segment on the show otherwise Youppi!'s forced pain would all be for nothing (minus these pictures, of course).

As for the other part of the bet Fallon gave them a less sad yet no less frustrating, we're sure, photo of Henrik Lundqvist playing the guitar for a Twitter avatar. Good thing it's a nice day in Montreal.

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