San Jose Sharks will travel more than 57,000 miles in 2013-14

No team will travel more miles in 2013-14 than the San Jose Sharks. (USATSI)
No team will travel more miles in 2013-14 than the San Jose Sharks. (USATSI)

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We know that NHL teams, particularly those on the West Coast, have to travel quite a bit during the season.

Now that we finally have a schedule for the 2013-14 season we know just how many miles each team will have to log this season thanks to the wonderful work from Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck, a blog dedicated to covering the Nashville Predators.

Hoag compiles the NHL's "Super Schedule" every summer, which includes total miles and the number of back-to-back games teams have to play, and it's always pretty fascinating.

The findings this season:

During the 2013-14 season the San Jose Sharks will log more travel miles than any other team in the league, traveling 57,612 miles. During their last full 82-game schedule in 2011-12 they traveled just 43,994.

The Detroit Red Wings, who will be making the move to the Eastern Conference this season, will travel 35,324 miles, down from the 42,865 they went in '11-12.

The lightest travel schedule belongs to the two teams based in New York City, with the Islanders traveling just 29,993 miles and the Rangers, who have the lightest travel schedule in the league, going just 29,839. That's nearly half of what the Sharks will have to do.

The average NHL team will travel 41,390 miles in 2013-14.

As far as the back-to-backs go, no team plays more than the New Jersey Devils' 22, while the Sharks and Avalanche play a league-low 10. Guess that kind of makes up for the grueling travel schedule if you're San Jose. Along with having the lightest travel schedule, the Rangers play only 13 back-to-back games, just below the NHL average of 15.

Check out every team's information by clicking here. It's pretty interesting.

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