Scott Hartnell co-authors children's book entitled 'Hartnelldown'

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Philadelphia Flyers forward Scott Hartnell isn't known as the most graceful skater to ever play hockey. He has a hard time always staying upright, bringing about the #HartnellDown campaign and counter, keeping track of all the times Hartnell hits the ice. It's a lot.

For his part, Hartnell has done nothing but embrace his clumsiness and owned it. He pokes fun at himself for falling often and embraced it so much he started a charity foundation simply called the HartnellDown Foundation. Every time he falls in a game, he donates $50 to the foundation's cause. That's a lot of money.

Hartnell has taken that even one step further as he joined forces with his sister Kyla to pen a children's book entitled, what else, Hartnelldown (illustration by Sean Thompson via

Here's the description from his website, were you can also order the book.

Get the first children's book from Kyla Hartnell, Scott Hartnell and the Hartnelldown Foundation! It's the must-have gift for the little or big kid on your list.

Count the number of times Scott Hartnell falls as he journeys from his backyard rink to the NHL. Find out why his teammates claim, "It ain't a practice 'til Hartnell falls." One thing is for certain ... He always gets back up!

The total cost for Hartnell's book? Only $19 and as you'd assume, features a lot of pictures of him on his rump.

But because it's a children's book, there is likely no room for one of Hartnell's most celebrated moments of his career at the All-Star Game in Ottawa. Suck it, Phaneuf isn't entirely kid friendly.

This is a pretty cool idea on the whole; not many NHL players can say they are also authors.

S/t The Score

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