Stanley Cup Playoffs: What You Need To Know, May 21

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Every night during the playoffs, we will wrap up all the exciting action and tell you what you need to know about the 2013-14 Stanley Cup playoffs. Welcome to What You Need To Know.

Kings win 6-2 | Series tied 1-1 | Game 3 Sat.

Chicago Blackhawks: For the first time this postseason, the Chicago Blackhawks have suffered a defeat at home and this is one they should feel pretty terrible about because this game that started out so well for them turned ugly so fast. Chicago was definitely the stronger team early and was doing a much better job in the penalty department but then just fell apart. It was almost as if they stopped playing when the Kings started to turn the momentum and in the third period just fell as flat as you ever see the Blackhawks look. It's pretty amazing really because they looked so good early and it felt like they should have been up by a much larger margin than just 2-0. Some of it was bad luck (see: this not going in) and some poor discipline in the third but either way it's going to leave a bad taste in their mouths. This game and series spun so fast they looked dizzy.

LA Kings: For almost two periods the Kings were completely bottled up and could go nowhere and then once the game opened, it really opened. The Kings were able to hang around through the early part of the game that was largely controlled by the Blackhawks and as they have done all postseason, they didn't quit in the face of adversity. A two-goal deficit turned into a 6-2 drubbing in Chicago and ended up looking like one massive, series-shifting win. Think that third period will have them feeling good going into Game 3 back in LA? The last time they scored five goals in a playoff period, Wayne Gretzky was still playing. It was another glimpse that when the Kings are playing to their potential, they are pretty much unbeatable.

Play of the Game: This play was just rather funky. The Kings were already up 3-2 and were rolling when the puck was deflected very high into the air behind the Blackhawks net. All the Hawks stopped playing, believing the puck had hit the net. The Kings didn't and next thing you know, Tyler Toffoli was sniping home a shot from right in front of Corey Crawford.

Player of the Game: It didn't come the way most do but Jeff Carter earned himself a hat trick with his first goal actually being awarded to him last. He played with an array of linemates as he has all postseason and played at different positions but remained a threat with his speed and world-class wrist shot. He ended the game with four points, the only King with more than one. You won't see many better periods than Carter had in the third.

Turning Point: Certainly you could say Brandon Bollig's very ill-advised penalty early in the third period was a big swing and indeed it was as the Kings took off in the third but the the Kings were already marching back starting in the second period. It all seemed to come after this Jonathan Quick save.

GIF of the Game: AH! JONATHAN QUICK WAS DECAPITATED! Oh, wait, no. That was just his helmet flying off his head while trying to make a save. Carry on (via @MyRegularFace).

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