The San Jose Sharks are getting different uniforms ... sort of

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The San Jose Sharks, who have one of the very best jerseys in the game in my humble opinion, are making some changes to their sweater.

At least that's what we're left to assume after the team posted this Instagram video with the hashtag #TheNextWave. It's almost impossible to catch a glimpse of the sweater in this thing.

But thanks to the sleuths over at Reddit, they were able to slow it down and get a freeze frame on the quick snippet that almost seems like subliminal advertising it went so fast.

Doesn't look much different does it? Given that and the fact that this is coming out so late in the summer, it's a safe assumption the changes to the sweater will likely be very minor, which is good. The last thing we need is another new logo/jersey in the NHL.

UPDATE: The Sharks posted a second snippet and indeed, there is less orange. Here's what the numbers look like now.

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