Toronto transit employees reject new uniform with Canadiens colors

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This story is so Canada.

Workers at the Toronto Transit Commission are due for some new uniforms and the supposed proposed design was leaked. They don't like it one bit. This said design featured a red polo shirt with blue, horizontal stripes. Have a look (via the National Post).

Doesn't look so bad, right? I mean it might not be everybody's style but they seem alright. What could be so offensive about this to the fine workers of the Toronto Transit Commission?

Ah, right.

Again from the Post.

"Everyone at my division that has seen them hates them," said one TTC operator, speaking on condition of anonymity. "As someone who was born in Toronto I take exception to the colours; too much like the Habs... They pay [us] to wear a uniform so I'll wear it, but not Montreal Canadiens-coloured golf shirts."

Bob Kinnear, who leads the union representing Toronto transit workers, derided the red, white and blue design as "absolutely awful," noting he has heard "loud-and-clear" opposition from staff.

"Born-and-bred Torontonians, we've got to support our team," Mr. Kinnear said in an interview Monday, noting he has spoken with TTC chief executive Andy Byford on the matter: "If you’re in Manchester, you don't wear the colours of Liverpool."

Ultimately the uniform will probably be altered before it's unveiled and won't look quite as Canadien-ish; you have to keep the employees happy. No self-respecting Torontonians and Maple Leafs fans will look like stinkin' Habs if they can help it. For the record, the TTC said there is no final concept yet.

Just in case you needed another reminder that they're very serious about their hockey in Toronto, there you have it. Never cross the rivalry borders in Canada if you can help it.

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